Health and Well-being

We're here to support your health & well-being while you're in school. We offer a variety of programs and resources on campus related to fitness, health insurance, mental health, and more.

Health Caddy

A collaboration between HTC Student Life and Career Development (SLCD), HTC CARE team, HTC maintenance, and Annex Teen Clinic is being piloted fall semester.

The members of our community that menstruate should have the ability to equally participate in school and not miss time in class because of the expense that comes with menstruation. To assist our community in managing their period easily, affordably, and without shame, a new a HEALTH CADDY is going to appear in the restrooms in the coming weeks. Along with the tampons and pads, Annex Teen Clinic has donated sexual health items as a way for students to take charge of their health in preventing, HIV infection, pregnancy, and many other sexually transmitted infections.

The Caddy Contains:

  • Tampons (funded by Student Health Fee)
  • Pads (funded by Student Health Fee)
  • Sexual Health items (donated by Annex Teen Clinic)


Health Insurance Assistance

We offer assistance applying and enrolling in MNsure to all students. 

MNsure Assistance and Information

Mental Health

Tobacco and Substance Use Prevention