Emergency Medical Services
  • Class Time: Day
  • Semester: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus and Eden Prairie Campus
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Build the skills necessary to enter the emergency medical services field at HTC. You will gain hands-on experience that prepares you for a career as an Emergency Medical Services Specialist or Emergency Room Technician. This can be the start of a career that makes a real difference and it all begins with getting the real-world knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

EMTs are among the first responders on an emergency or medical scene and help start initial patient care. They also work with other emergency personnel, such as police and firefighters.

Skills Required

Job Outlook

Much of the growth will come from volunteer positions changing into paid positions. As the population grows, there will be a need for more emergency services. Also, the number of older adults is increasing. Older adults are the greatest users of emergency services. Both of these factors will increase the need for EMTs.

Possible job titles include: Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced EMT, Fire Fighter First Responder, Firefighter/Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Firefighter/EMT (Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician), Paramedic, Community Paramedic

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