Speaking and Writing

"Good teacher, good topics. It works for everyday English."
Former Student, April 2015

We provide English language training to both US residents who are non-native speakers of English and students from all over the world. All of our instructors hold Masters Degrees in Teaching English as a 2nd Language and Education and all have experience teaching English abroad.

Many of our students are non-native speakers of English that live locally in Hennepin County and the surrounding area, including International Students and aux pairs.

By taking our courses, you can increase your skill in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. This can help you to be better prepared for college-level work, and future career opportunities.

Offered Courses

Are there American English sounds that are difficult for you to say? In this class, you will learn and practice the basics of American English pronunciation: consonant and vowel sounds, endings, contractions and reductions. Also, you will learn the rhythm of English, like syllable stress, pausing and linking. You will develop your own accent inventory by discovering the English sounds that are most difficult for you.
In this class you will learn to be a better writer by improving your understanding of common English grammar mistakes and English sentence style. By writing weekly assignments, you can learn to be a self-editor and find the consistent errors in your writing. Some of the specific writing issues that will be addressed in the course include: sentence structure, punctuation, verb tenses, subject/verb agreement, and pronoun usage.
Do you feel your English vocabulary is limited? Is it difficult to discuss topics in the news? You will expand your vocabulary and fluency in English by reading about world events and popular culture and discussing these topics in class. By focusing on current world and local issues, you can develop the vocabulary you need to understand and discuss them. Learning about the style of journalistic writing will also help you become a more efficient and effective reader.
This class will help students review, learn and practice the basics of American English grammar. Topics include verb tenses, verb forms, questions, sentence structure, word order, prepositions, etc. Through their homework assignments, students will be able to develop an understanding of the areas of English grammar that are difficult for them.
In this course on teaching English, you will focus on a different topic related to the Teaching of English as a Second Language on each Evening. These include: Materials, Methods, Teaching Grammar and Teaching Pronunciation and Practicum. This course is designed for international guests who will become English teachers in their home countries, for those who would like a sampler of the field, or for tutors who would like to improve their knowledge and skill. The seminar includes 4-hours of preparation for a practicum experience. All of the instructors hold Masters Degrees in Teaching English as a 2nd Language and Education and all have experience teaching English abroad.
The TOEFL iBT is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an English proficiency test that measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand the English language as it is spoken, written, and heard in the university classroom. Over 6,000 universities in 130 different countries accept the TOEFL test as part of their admissions criteria. In this preparation class, you will learn test-taking skills for the computer TOEFL, review English grammar and usage, and practice TOEFL test questions.