Safety Training Group

The Safety Training Group is made up of eleven Minnesota Technical Colleges, to collaborate and share resources for customized safety training across Minnesota. This partnership allows for more access to training, resources and knowledge between the partners, and allows any Technical College in the group to deliver the best quality in safety training.


  • Brooklyn Park
  • Eden Prairie

Anne Mathiowetz
13100 College View Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Office: 952.995.1314


“With the costs of development already paid for, it only makes sense to partner with other colleges to o«er those specialties in areas that we cannot each individually cover, without incurring development costs over and over again on each campus.” – Erik Gohl, Industry Safety Instructor at HTC

By partnering with other MnSCU campuses, the group plans to be the “go to” training council across the state, because they can offer any type of training to any company or client anywhere in the state. Further, the new collaboration supports the MnSCU Strategic Framework Goals, put forth by MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone. The partnership effectively addresses one of the top goals of the MnSCU Strategic Framework , to “be the partner of choice to meet Minnesota’s workforce and community needs.”

“This partnership also shows a trust within the MnSCU CTS departments, which gives the Safety Training Council the confidence that we have the best programs out there and are willing to share our instructors and programs to bene?t those clients we may not have had the opportunity to serve,” Erik continues,“We believe that by offering our developed training services and specialties in a broader manner to the communities throughout Minnesota, we are increasing safety training opportunities to the clients and communities we serve throughout Minnesota