Pilot-Escort Driver Certification


About Pilot/ Escort Driver Certification

Minnesota requires drivers of pilot cars and escort vehicles to hold a current Minnesota Certification. Hennepin Technical College is one of only two colleges in the state to be recognized by the Minnesota State Patrol to provide the training to earn the certificate. Classes are offered as open enrollment classes throughout the state and as contract classes with individual companies or organizations.

The initial certification class is 8 hours and is valid for 4 years. Upon expiration, you are able to recertify for one additional 4 year period by completing a 4 hour refresher course. State law mandates the cost of new civilian pilot/escort driver certification classes to be $180 per participant and the refresher at $90 per participant. Advanced registration for the classes is required. Initial certification classes are held the first Monday of every month at the Eden Prairie Campus. Refresher courses are available the second Monday of the month in person at the Eden Prairie Campus or online anytime beginning July 31st, 2017.

All students are required to bring a recent (within the last 30 days) certified copy of their current Minnesota driving record the first day of class. This is required for both initial and recertification. Online students must mail or fax (763-488-2723) their driving record in before a card will be issued. Students are responsible for the fee associated with obtaining your driving record. If your license is not issued from the state of Minnesota, please bring a certified copy from the state of your driver's license issuance. Please note-the free online lookup of your drivers license status on the Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle service webpage is NOT an acceptable certified driving record.

Please click this link for the form to order a CERTIFIED copy. Students are responsible for the fee associated with obtaining your driving record.



Register for the 8-hour Certification class if you are a Pilot Car driver who has either never been licensed or were licensed in another state other than Minnesota. Register for the 4-hour Recertification class if you are a Pilot Car driver whose current Minnesota license is due to expire within 90 days. Recertification's are only allowed within the 90 days prior to expiration of current license. If your certification has expired, you will have a 90 day grace period to renew it. After 90 days, you will need to retake the 8-hour course.

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