M-Powered focuses on individuals looking for an exciting manufacturing career as well as men and women already working in manufacturing and seeking advancement.

Learn More. Earn More. M-Powered.

M-Powered has successfully prepared hundreds of men and women from diverse backgrounds and experiences for manufacturing careers that feature middle-income, life sustaining wages and benefits. In fact, many graduates advance to supervisory and leadership roles in their organizations. M-Powered does this through a combination of technical training, manufacturing foundation knowledge, employability workshops and job search consulting.

M-Powered serves as a first step in a life-long manufacturing career, with real opportunities for advancement.

Earn up to 18 college credits and an Occupational Certificate from Hennepin Technical College (HTC). These credits and Occupation Certificate transfer to other Higher Education institutions so you can continue your education.

Students may earn national, industry-recognized NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skill) credentials. Obtaining credentials proves to manufacturers interested in hiring you that you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and move beyond an entry-level job

Develop your workforce skills so you can work successfully in a team environment.

The program is focused on providing fast-track, industry standard training and additional wrap around support services for eligible applicants.

  • Cohort education model, with evening courses starting Spring 2016
  • Students learn manufacturing foundations, technical skills, employability and employment skills
  • Students may earn national, industry-recognized NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skill) credentials
  • Local manufacturers actively advise, monitor and support the course and curriculum and hire program graduates


Local manufacturers actively advise, monitor and support the course and curriculum and hire program graduates.

Our manufacturing partners are looking for trained and certified people to fill vacancies created by key retirements and a growing economy. They need career minded individuals who can engage their minds more than their hands. 10 of these manufacturers have committed to hiring our graduates over the next 3 years, and we have contacts with many more hoping to find the right people.

These companies are spread throughout the metro area and suburbs., and many are located on or near a bus line.

Students receive critical resume writing help and develop job interview skills.

Students not only learn about manufacturing and gain industry-standard technical skills. They also gain employability and employment skills. Through our partnership with HIRED, "career navigators" work with students to create career development plans and keep employment goals on track.

HTC and HIRED hold a unique "reverse job fair" for M-Powered students, which brings together our graduates with employers looking to hire. Many of our graduate get their first job offer from this initial event.


On November 2, the Minneapolis Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) grant board voted to fully fund Hennepin Technical College’s (HTC) $446,090 request to continue and expand its successful M-Powered program

Established in 2004 and jointly managed by the community-based organization, HIRED and HTC, M-Powered is an award-winning, fast-track training program that has successfully trained hundreds of Minnesotans for a manufacturing career. M-Powered has primarily served dislocated workers, the un- and underemployed and provides priority service to veterans and spouses of veterans.

Driven by manufacturing employers who saw a large skilled workforce shortage coming due to impending retirements and a lack of highly skilled replacements, the program brings the manufacturing community together with state and local economic development professionals, manufacturing associations and community partners to form a sector-based response.

The program integrates HTC’s technical training and industry-recognized credentials, with HIRED’s critical employability and job-search skills to prepare participants for careers as Computer Controlled Micro-Machining Operators and Precision Metal Stamping Technicians. HIRED’s Career Navigators work with the students to identify and reduce employment and educational barriers such as childcare, bus fare, and temporary employment. They also work with individuals to create career development plans to keep them on track.

“The success of the ten-year program is derived from the spirit of “coopetition” of these partners,” said Rich Kelly, Director of HTC’s Manufacturing Quality and Productivity. He noted that these partners have a shared interest in successfully closing the skilled workforce shortage by preparing participants for a lifelong, technical career in Minnesota’s precision manufacturing industry.

The M-Powered program was originally established under grants from three national foundations and has received support and encouragement from US Senator Al Franken, US Senator Amy Klobuchar, US Representative Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development and the United States Department of Labor.