LEAN Enterprise Certification

Continuing Education

This extensive Lean Enterprise Certification course is designed for professionals seeking to upgrade and enhance their knowledge while expanding their leadership capacity inside the domain of Lean Thinking and Lean Facilitation.

This program is a Certification course which is distinct from a basic Certificate of Completion course. Lean Enterprise Certification delivers in-depth, high level instruction designed to certify that the participant has met specific competency protocols resulting in their classification as a Lean Practitioner.


Essentially, Lean Enterprise is centered on increasing and preserving value with less work, throughout the entire organization (administrative, service, and manufacturing domains alike) with the implementation of highly evolved Lean principles stabilized by 60 years of development and practice in the world market.

This program will provide the participant with a clear understanding and ability to articulate and implement the principles, techniques, and practices necessary for enabling continuous process improvement while developing and sustaining a strong Lean Enterprise culture.

Successful completion of this program will have participants and their companies empowered to respond with velocity to changing customer desires; providing high variety, high quality, low cost, and fast throughput times. Information management naturally becomes much simpler and more accurate.

  • Manufacturing Personnel
  • Service and Administration Personnel
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement Staff
  • Individuals seeking to achieve higher employment opportunities
  • Management personnel at all levels
  • Process Understanding & Problem Solving
  • Value Streams 5S
  • 5S, Visual Factory, Mistake Proofing
  • Pull Systems
  • Kaizen events
  • Performance Measures / LEAN Accounting
  • Standard work
  • Set-up reduction
  • TPM - total productive maintenance
  • Theory of Constraints
  • C&E Diagramming with NGT
  • Quality - Lean/Sigma - DMAIC
  • Team Dynamics
  • Change Management & Communications
  • Lean In and Out of the Organization – Office Lean and Supply Chain
  • A3 Reports
  • Lean Leadership
  • Deployment & Sustainability Planning
The course will be conducted by several instructors with extensive expertise varying from manufacturing to service industries. The course is 45 total hours of intensive training. A final examination will be conducted on the final day of class, in order to verify competency for certification. Students that don’t pass the final exam will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.