Healthcare Professional Development

Healthcare Service Education

For Managers, Supervisors, Administrators and Employees in the healthcare and human services fields. Training at your site and at your convenience and our instructors are experts in their field. We also provide soft skills training for healthcare managers & supervisors. Course topics include:

  • Simulation Training
  • Team Leadership for healthcare leaders
  • Lean Transformational Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Harassment and Bullying in Healthcare
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare
  • Conflict Resolution in Healthcare
  • Patient Satisfaction in Medical Clinics and Hospitals
  • Customer Service Skills for Long-term Care

Featured Courses*

Who Are You Being (With Your Clients)?

We all have our personal attitudes, beliefs and biases. Are you really keeping them out of your work? In this 6-hour workshop you will:

  • Uncover, identify and examine your beliefs and biases, especially those about your clients
  • Gain insight into yourself and how you come across to your clients, co-workers and others
  • Discern the difference between facts and interpretations
  • Learn to construct a “Power of Thought” diagram
  • Establish how thoughts translate to behavior, how they impact your clients and what to do about it


Understanding and Working with Former Offenders

There are estimates that say one in every five people in America has a criminal background. Many of whom are trying to get back into the workforce but face significant barriers in doing so. Are you working with former offenders to get them back into the workforce? Are you an HR professional or business owner wanting to give people a second chance? This class will show how to do so effectively. During this 8-hour workshop you will:

  • Gain knowledge into the psychology of former offenders
  • Learn to understand the basic degrees of charges, conditions and legal terms
  • Identify societal attitudes and employment barriers former offenders face

With this foundation, you will then learn how to apply practices and techniques that will improve outcomes for the former offenders you are working with and the communities they live in.

This course qualifies for CEU's through the Minnesota Board of Social Work.


Troops On The Home Front: Working With Veterans In Our Community

You want to support veterans, but aren’t sure how to do so? Whether you are a business owner, hiring manager or working in a helping profession, this class will provide the information and tools you should know.

You will get an overview of each branch of service, the benefits veterans are entitled to and which agencies provide them. You will also learn about the benefits to working with or hiring veterans, common challenges some veterans may face, unique challenges by service era, misconceptions that surround veterans and the tools to work through them together.


Self-Care to Prevent Compassion Exhaustion

As a care provider, you are often so concerned about others, you forget to take care of your own needs, or worse, feel guilty when you do! Many courses offer sound advice to combat compassion fatigue. This course will address those things but also how to actually implement them when faced with the irrational and emotional nature of the day to day. This course qualifies for CEU’s through the Minnesota Board of Social Work.


Transformational Thinking in Healthcare  

Training for Lean Healthcare Champions and Teams
Are you in the Healthcare industry and interested in learning how to apply Lean principles in your clinic or hospital? This two-day course prepares each team member to start a Kaizen event.  This course takes the learner through the process of “Lean Thinking” to prepare them to lead events and participate in Lean Healthcare events.

Thoughtful planning, swift implementation, and continuous improvement are the trademarks of Lean Healthcare. Lean Thinking can be applied to many areas in hospital systems such as: admitting/discharge, internal patient flow within and between departments, operating room turnover, scheduling processes and systems, workplace disorganization, medical records, inventory (supplies) control, administrative processes and billing, equipment availability, shift change processes, pharmacy and laboratory work flows and turnaround times, emergency room work throughput, HR/hiring processes, medical/surgical floor improvement, A/R & A/P processes and discharge.


Change Management in Healthcare

This is a dynamic interactive class that focuses on the ontological aspect of healthcare culture; causing team breakthroughs dealing with change and challenges within the organization. Much of the course is directed toward breaking down resistance to change and creating clear communication in the organization.

This course is especially useful for organizations that are experiencing any “culture challenging” programs or events such as the implementation of Lean Thinking or the imposition of regulatory systems upon the workforce.


*Course offerings vary by semester. Check our website for current course schedule.