Diversity, Culture and Language

Today’s marketplace requires companies to manage changes within their workforce demographics. It further challenges them to provide their services to new population groups. Our cultural and language expertise can provide your organization with a wide variety of business solutions to meet these challenges whether through consultation or training interventions. We have had the opportunity to work with businesses, public agencies, and non-profit organizations that interact with 22+ language diversities. In doing so, we typically partner with HR departments or upper management to provide a variety of services.

Customized Training for Business

"I definitely would recommend these courses to other foreign exchange students. It's an excellent way to meet new people especially when you are new in the country and I really did learn more about the American Culture and way of thinking."
Shalene M., MCE Student, 2014
  • Occupational English (OE) Training
  • Cultural Awareness Seminars
  • Group Facilitation & Conflict Mediation
  • International Business English Tutoring
  • Customized Assessments
  • IDI Measurement Tool (Intercultural Development Inventory)
  • ICS measurement Tool (Intercultural Conflict Style)

Non-Credit Courses

  • Supervising a Multicultural Workforce
  • Writing and Editing for Business Purposes
  • ESL - Improving Your Writing Skills
  • TESOL - Seminar for Teaching English as a Second Language
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) prep class
  • Review of Basic English Grammar
  • Accent Reduction I, II
  • Expanding Vocabulary
  • Experience Minnesota
  • Intercultural Exchange Workshop (Midwest Cultural Exchange)

Cultural Competence Certificate

This certificate is helpful for all individuals who want to increase their professional credentials, but is especially targeted for those in education or health care, law enforcement and emergency service providers, HR professionals, and managers or supervisors. As part of the certificate take these three courses and receive a professional credential that sets you apart!

  • Working in Diverse Settings
  • Developing Cultural Competence in the Workplace
  • Resolving Conflict in Work and Life

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a training program housed under Hennepin Technical College Customized Training Services, providing an array of services.

Native English Speakers

Provide you with tangible solutions for your multicultural workplace. Increase your communication skill set when speaking with a non-native speaker. Give you a clearer cultural understanding of employees or customers being served.

Non-Native English Speakers

Increase your English language ability & skills surrounding work duties. Present you with a better understanding of U.S. workplace culture, company goals and performance measures.

OE is job-specific English Language and skill building training for organizations, designed to increase overall communication and improve job performance for employees whose first language is not English. It focuses on the English language skills and American workplace culture people need to succeed at work. It approaches the English language as a technical skill necessary for job performance.

Some attributes and benefits of OE include:

  • Industry specific instruction focused on employee’s job responsibilities or their understanding of the company’s HR policies and benefits.
  • Improved work communication skills for English learners.
  • Classroom training delivered onsite during employee’s regular working hours & reinforced throughout the rest of the workweek.
  • Measurable gains evaluated through pre & post-tests.
ESL focuses on life skills, education, subjective results, and is open-ended. Whereas Occupational English focuses on work skills, training, tangible results, and is an accountable/closed course.