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If you are like a lot of people, you'd like to do more things yourself, but you don't know where to start.  We have your answer: RIGHT HERE!  Our DIY Academy has content for most of the common skills everyone should know.  Whether you need to get the lawn ready for summer, declutter your house, prepare nutritious meals, and patch that hole in the wall before your summer barbeque.  

Take a look at the courses we have ready for you now!  We even have special sessions designed for you to learn while observing social-distancing!


Meal Planning 101- Mini Series

Instructor: Lizzie Streit

Master the skill of planning balanced meals for yourself and your family in this hands-on culinary nutrition course. Learn how to apply the basics of nutrition to your everyday meals, implement basic cooking skills, and choose recipes to develop weekly menus. After this course, you will feel confident in your skills to plan and cook meals, and will prep and taste some delicious recipes while you're at it! Meal planning guides, recipes, and additional tools included.

  • Session 1: The Anatomy of a Balanced Plate
  • Session 2: Search, Organize, Plan, Repeat: How to Choose Healthy Recipes and Organize a Meal Plan

Culinary Playground

Instructor: Denis Durnev

Roll up your sleeves and unleash your curiosity… It’s time to explore that mysterious space that comes with every home - the kitchen!  With a few basic kitchen tools and standard ingredients, you will gain the skills and confidence to begin concocting your own delicious creations at home.  With instruction led by Culinary Arts Chef, Denis Durnev, learn kitchen fundamentals to serve you and your loved ones for years to come:

  • Session 1: Kitchen Gadgets 101
    • Knife variations and sharpening techniques
    • Usage of basic, at-home kitchen equipment
    • Pick a pan, any pan… Making any pan work!
  • Session 2: Kitchen Techniques
    • Cut variations and why they are important
    • Texture, presentation, and flavor significance
  • Session 3: Protein Perfection
    • Learn various cooking methods and techniques for perfectly prepared proteins
  • Session 4: Save Dessert for Last
    • Impress your guests (and yourself!) with these simple, fool-proof desserts

Meal Planning 101

Instructor: Lizzie Streit

Master the skill of planning balanced meals for yourself and your family in this hands-on culinary nutrition course. Learn how to apply the basics of nutrition to your everyday meals, implement basic cooking skills, choose recipes and develop weekly meal plans, organize grocery lists, and utilize batch cooking and leftovers to the fullest. After this course, you will feel confident in your skills to plan and cook meals. Each week, we will also prepare a foolproof, delicious recipe that you can fit into your future meal plans. Meal planning guides, recipes, and additional tools included.

  • Session 1: The Anatomy of a Balanced Plate
  • Session 2: Search, Organize, Plan, Repeat: How to Choose Healthy Recipes and Organize a Meal Plan
  • Session 3: Batch Cooking and How to Maximize Freezer Use
  • Session 4: The Art of Repurposing

Home Maintenance

Routine Home Maintenance Essentials: Caring for and Prolonging the Life of Your Home

Instructor: Daniel Felt

Owning or renting a home can become very stressful and costly if routine maintenance isn’t performed regularly and correctly.  This course will provide tips and tricks for maintaining and prolonging the life of your home.  From roof and gutter care to kitchens and utility rooms, learn lifelong skills and techniques to help you independently manage your home maintenance needs.

Drywall Repair & Interior Painting for the Homeowner

Instructor: Bill Krause

Join this hands-on workshop where students will learn how to tackle basic drywall repair and wall painting techniques while practicing on a sample surface.  Live, interactive instruction will be provided on cutting and patching drywall, taping and mudding techniques, how to properly hang items on drywall surfaces, how to appropriately prepare walls for painting, along with paint application recommendations.  Why experiment on your home when you can improve and hone your skills at Hennepin Tech first!

Electrical Repair Basics for the Homeowner

Instructor: Tod Novinska 

Hiring an electrician for at-home repairs can be costly.  Discover how to tackle basic repairs on your own through this hands-on course for the electrical beginner!  Gain an understanding of different wire gauges and practice wiring multiple circuits, including single pole and 3-way switches, outlets, and light fixtures.  You will learn how to use testing tools, repair extension cords, and review procedures for rewiring a lamp.  If available, please bring a wire stripper, Phillips screwdriver, and long-nose pliers to class.  A Step-By-Step Guidebook to Home Wiring is included with this course!

Lawn & Garden

More than Maples: The Trees and Shrubs We Should Be Planting

Instructor: Joey LeMay

Class Description: Lost in Minnesota landscapes is a key concept of our urban forest: Biodiversity. An eclectic landscape can provide year-round interest and keep plant disease issues from devastating a plant population. Minnesota can be so much more than Maples, Birch and Crab Apples. Learn what trees and shrubs will give your landscape diversity, as well as make it the envy of your neighborhood.

Making the Cut: Tree and Shrub Pruning

Instructor: Joey LeMay

Class Description: Despite the best of intentions, poor pruning practices can harm and devalue trees. Learn about why we prune, how we prune and the tools we prune with. We'll discuss the decision making process of branch selection, the biology/physiology of trees, and pruning during strategic times of year.

Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Instructor: Faith Appelquist

Class Description: Beautiful front yards are patiently planned and carefully executed- often in stages. Before you spend lots of time and money trying to create the perfect yard, join us to come up with some thoughtful ideas to create the yard you always wanted. Learn the principles of landscape design from order, unity and plant arrangement. Examine before and after examples of real projects including the objective, design and plants used.

Small Space & Heirloom Gardening

Instructor: Marty Bergland

Whether you are new to gardening or believe you may not have space, get ready to uncover new possibilities for growing healthy, budget-friendly, organic foods from home!  With live instruction from Minnesota State Horticultural Society Presenter/Volunteer and retired Master Gardener, Marty Bergland, learn to grow vegetables and herbs in small spaces using containers and raised beds.  Gain tips and tricks for preserving and drying seeds, growing foods in both indoor and outdoor spaces, and promoting pollinator habitats.  With growing season just around the corner, you will be equipped to begin building your favorite produce selection from the ground up!

Shear Madness: Pruning Trees & Shrubs

Instructor: Faith Appelquist

Class Description: Get ready to take the guesswork out of your tree and shrub pruning needs in preparation for the growing season!  Learn the importance of pruning, how and when to make the proper cuts, and how to avoid common pruning mistakes.  You will leave this course grounded in the following important tree and shrub care topics:

  • Biology Behind Pruning
  • Plant Response to Pruning
  • Common Pruning Mistakes & Their Consequences
  • Types of Pruning Cuts
  • Recommended Pruning Tool Usage
  • Pruning Timing for Optimal Flower Show
  • Rejuvenation Pruning and Evergreens

Common Issues with Minnesota Trees and Shrubs

Instructor: Joey LeMay

Class Description: If you've ever wondered what is going on with particular trees or shrubs on your property, you're certainly not alone. From Apple Scab to Japanese Beetles, needle fungus, and the looming Emerald Ash Borer, Minnesota landscapes see eclectic pests. Learn about some of the more common pests, plant diseases and issues, as well as how simple management can help you enjoy your landscape, not labor over it.


Personal Development

Clutter Cleanse

Instructor: Leah Morris

  • Are you overwhelmed and want to simplify your life?
  • Does clutter make you feel in a constant state of chaos?
  • Do you waste your time continuously picking up stuff
  • Do you feel like you don’t even know where to begin?

Lighten up your life, regain control, and clear the clutter to create peaceful, stress-free surroundings.  Learn simple and practical ways to organize any space in your home and discover ways to make organizing fun for the entire family.  Get ready to transform your space to help you live a focused life that is more calm, purposeful, sustainable, and joyously livable.  From the pantry to the playroom and everything in between, learn how to remove the clutter and prioritize simplicity.  Maximize life by minimizing stuff.

Goal Setting

Instructor: Leah Morris

An effective goal setting course can be the differentiating factor in achieving your vision.  These structured goal setting lessons focus your attention on what matters most for you.  By taking a long-term view and setting SMART goals, you can build a life that is aligned with your priorities.  Whatever your goal may be, mastering goal setting skills will help you achieve desired outcomes.

  • Land that dream job
  • Achieve financial security
  • Take your family on vacation
  • Pursue that passion
  • Or just finish reading a book!

This Course Will Help You:

  • Learn…
    • The importance of having a clear vision and the power of having a goal setting plan.
    • The skills to set SMART goals, a proven method for maximizing goal setting success.
  • Develop…
    • Goal setting strategies that you can put in place to ensure success in goal achievement.
    • Your specific goals for 2019.
  • Practice…
    • Participating in goal setting activities that reinforce the core learning principles taught.

The principles of goal setting are the same regardless of the type of goal that you set.  This course can be used for setting personal goals, career goals, financial goals, and everything in between.  Goal setting is a skill, and like any skill you learn, it requires effort and a change of habit.  These goal setting tips will help you set and achieve your goals for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Vehicle Maintenance

Car Care Basics

Instructor: Mike Rudolph

Begin saving time and money on car repairs by learning how to conduct routine vehicle maintenance at home.  This course will provide hands-on learning in the Hennepin Tech automotive lab, covering the following essential car care practices:

  • Removing and reinstalling wheel assembly
  • Checking tire tread depth
  • Completing brake pad inspections
  • Checking fluids under the hood
  • Identifying leaking automotive fluids: engine/transmission/coolant/power steering/transfer case/differential
  • Battery maintenance techniques
  • Serpentine belt checks
  • Visual checks of vehicle lamps: brake lights/backup lights/headlights/running lights
  • Wiper blade check & replacement


Leah Morris, Instructor

Leah Morris

Personal Development

Leah Morris is the founder and steward of Mindfully Minimized, a lifestyle service committed to helping people clear the clutter in their lives so they can focus on what they love.  She has 16+ years of business experience working for a Fortune 500 company, managing teams and driving productivity through holistic margin management and continuous improvement initiatives.  Leah utilizes her strategic leadership skills in helping people live their lives with more intention, simplifying their space to create wellness, harmony & sustainability. 


Daniel Felt, Instructor

Daniel Felt

Home Maintenance

Daniel Felt is the owner and operator of Kura Home, an innovative company providing routine home maintenance services for busy homeowners.  Daniel grew up on a hobby farm in Midwestern Minnesota working for the small family business starting at a young age.  At age 16, he helped his parents build their dream home on the farm learning everything from concrete pouring to putting the finishing touches on siding installation.  After studying business at Bethel University, Daniel worked several years in the business and home service industry.  As a General Manager, he saw that there was a huge need for busy homeowners to have their home maintenance needs to be taken care of in a professional manner, and this is where Kura Home began.


Faith Appelquist, Instructor

Faith Appelquist


Faith Appelquist is the owner and operator of Tree Quality in St Paul, MN with specialization in tree evaluation and management, problem diagnosis, risk assessment, and landscape design.  She earned her B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Landscape Design degree from Dakota County Technical College.  Faith is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborist, American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) Registered Consulting Arborist, an ISA Municipal Specialist, a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, and a MN DNR licensed tree inspector.  She serves on the board of directors for the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association and is a frequent contributor of articles in The Scoop magazine.

 Tod Novinska, Basic Home Electrical Repair

Tod Novinska

Basic Home Electrical Repair

Tod has been instructing Community Education Basic Home Electrical Repair classes across the Minneapolis metro area for 14 years.  He enjoys mentoring students, helping them to improve their skills and gain confidence so they can begin managing basic repairs on their own, along with identifying when professional electrical assistance is necessary.

 Lizzie Streit, Meal Planning 101

Lizzie Streit

Meal Planning 101

Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian, recipe developer, nutrition writer, and educator.  She runs the culinary nutrition business and food blog, It’s a Veg World After All.  Lizzie uses her passion for cooking and extensive knowledge of nutrition to make healthy eating approachable for others, through hands-on instruction, relatable tips, and easy, delicious recipes. 

Joey LeMay, Lawn and Garden

Joey LeMay

Lawn & Garden

Joey LeMay is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist. He climbs and prunes trees professionally and is the Plant Health Care Coordinator for a full-service tree care company in the Twin Cities.



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