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Meet Jen, an M-Powered manufacturing program graduate, and hear her M-Powered Success story.

Chances are you’ve never thought about manufacturing as a career. Maybe you’ve even heard that the manufacturing industry is disappearing, with all of the jobs being sent to China and other foreign countries.

In fact, manufacturing is growing faster than the economy as a whole. More than 14 million Americans now work in manufacturing. The average wage for workers is around $50,000 a year.

Today, most manufacturers will tell you that their main concern is finding enough skilled workers. They need a strong workforce to fill the jobs that are here today and that will be increasing tomorrow. M-Powered provides workers with an opportunity to learn and earn.

Here's what employers are saying about M-Powered Graduates:

I interviewed Lucas, Luke and Mike today - the M-Powered grads from last night. These were three of the VERY best graduates I have ever interviewed from the M-Powered program! I would hire any of them in a second. They all scored above 55 out of 60 possible in the PMA Education Foundation Occupational Aptitude and Knowledge Assessment, way above average. All three of these guys interviewed very well, had solid resumes and were very professional. HIRED and HTC are doing a fantastic job with M-Powered.

Keep up the good work, I am truly impressed.

Sincerely, Erick Ajax Vice President Co-Owner E.J Ajax and Sons


American manufacturers seek workers with technical know-how.

NBC's Tom Brokow reports on the shift away from old-line manufacturing by the American worker towards information, science, and technology. Tom Brokow travels to Cincinnati to show how the right skill set - and an old idea - can make a difference in today's job market. How can the American worker acquire this new skill set for the next generation of quality jobs?

Tom Brokow's Report on MSNBC

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