• Class Time: Day, Afternoon or Evening
  • Semester: Fall, Spring or Summer Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
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Knowledgeable. Efficient. Competent. Those words can describe you after you complete training in the Welding and Metal Fabrication program. Whether your objective is to gain additional skills or embark on a rewarding career, this program will give you the solid foundation necessary to achieve your goals.  The curriculum encompasses basic welding and fabrication methods, blueprint reading, and advanced technical skills, providing you with the essential knowledge and hands on experience you need to succeed.

The field of welding continues to evolve, with significant advancements in technology.  Welders can specialize in an exciting variety of disciplines, including robotics and other automated systems, nanotechnology, pipe-fitting, alternative energy applications, infrastructure fabrication, underwater welding, and inspection.  Welding has become a dominant force in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, and with the continued advances the industry is experiencing, welding will provide almost endless opportunities for those on the cutting edge.


Labs and Classrooms

The welding and metal fabrication classroom has 26 permanent welding booths with state-of-the-art equipment.
Two virtual welding booths, several cutting stations and 2 oxy-gasoline cutting units are just some of the equipment. Check out the link below for some pictures of the shop.

Welding project photos
Shop Photos

Supplies / Tools

Safety glasses
Leather shoes or boots (Safety shoes)
Full length pants (no shorts or cut offs)
Welding jacket or cape
Welding helmet
Beanie or welding cap
Face shield
Locking pliers
Wire cutters
Wire brush
32oz. hammer( ball peen or blacksmith's)
Tip cleaner
Tape measure
Ear bud

Entry Requirements

The Welding and Metal Fabrication program does not have any special requirements to enroll. See the Admissions office for the regular application process and steps to enroll.

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Work Environment

Welders work in a variety of environments, including inside a building, on a construction site, or underwater.

Job Outlook / Gainful Employment

There are many employment opportunities available in the following areas:
construction, transportation, manufacturing industry, sheet metal industry,
custom job shops, medical/pharmaceutical industry,
pipe/tubing, food industry, and the aerospace industry.

Job Outlook Overview:

Possible job titles include: Welder, welder fitter, production welder, fitter

Gainful Employment Disclosure:


$10.00/hr to $25.00/hr

Potential Job Titles

Welder, welder fitter, production welder, fitter



To see a full list of articulations, visit the Minnesota Transfer website.

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