• Class Time: Evening
  • Semester: Fall Semester
  • Campus: Eden Prairie Campus
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Public Works refers to the basic services provided by municipalities and local government. From snow plowing to water treatment, road repair to park maintenance; city, county, and state workers maintain the systems that make our communities run smoothly and efficiently. The Public Works Maintenance Technician program offers classroom and hands-on, skills-based training along with an internship to prepare the student to enter a career in public works. Public works personnnel are employed in a wide range of positions in the public and private sector. Public works positions are in high demand locally and throughout the United States.

Public Works
Bringing On-the-Job Knowledge

Job Outlook

There are a number of job options to choose from in this field. According to the state labor statistics, employment outlook for positions in this field is expected to increase. Employees in this field can expect good pay and benefits, year round employment, and challenging outdoor work assignments.


Potential Job Titles

Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators, Public Works Maintenance Technician, Public Works Laborer
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