Nursing Assistant

Day and Evening

Summer, Fall or Spring Semester

Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie Campus

HTC makes it easy to begin a career as a Nursing Assistant, with a course that is typically four weeks in length and prepares you to take the Nursing Assistant state exam - NURS1001. You’ll learn about concepts of basic human needs, health/illness continuum and basic personal care skills. Your training includes theory with skills demonstrated in a supervised laboratory setting and 24 hours of clinical care of selected adult patients in a long-term care setting. After successfully completing the course, you’ll be eligible to take the Minnesota Competency Evaluation for Nursing Assistants. Individuals who successfully complete this examination are placed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry.

A Starting Point

Upon successful completion of the Nursing Assistant course candidates have the opportunity to earn national certification.  The candidate is then placed on the Minnesota Registry for Nursing Assistants.

Students use the skills lab daily to practice skills learned that day in the classroom.  Skills are demonstrated for students and students have opportunity to practice under direction of the instructor.  There are 54 skills to learn in the nursing assistant class.

Students will need to purchase a watch with a second hand to assist with taking vital signs of residents. Each student will be responsible to purchase a uniform and appropriate shoes for clinical experience.

Successful Completion of the course requires:

Additional Information needed for this course:

Individuals completing the program find career opportunities in long-term care facilities, home health care settings and hospitals.  Here Nursing Assistants utilize their training in areas of personal care in maintaining safe environments, effective communication, infection control practices, and secure environments.

Enter a high demand field with potential for advancement in the health industry.  As the population continues to age and more people require nursing care, this will be a growing area of employment opportunities.  Nursing assistants work in a variety of settings including Home Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings and hospitals.  Health Care is one of the fastest growing opportunities.

POTENTIAL JOB TITLES Nursing Assistant Registered

SALARY $11.00 to $15.00 depending on employer site


Both campuses are involved with area nursing homes which welcome students into their facilities to experience the nursing home setting.  These nursing homes are friends of HTC participating on Advisory Board Committees.

Hennepin Technical College program for Nursing Assistants is surveyed by the Minnesota Department of Health every two years. In September of 2012 HTC received accreditation from the MDH  to continue the Nursing assistant program.  The program had no deficiencies and was again accredited for two years.

The Nursing Assistant course fullfils the requirements for Introduction to Nursing for many colleges throughout Minnesota.  All nurses begin with Introduction to Nursing regardless if they choose to  work as Nursing Assistants or continue in nursing in advanced practice.