Basic Web Technologies

Basic Web Technologies


Basic Web Technologies

This certificate is designed for the student as an overview of Web Technologies. The coursework is designed to meet the needs of personnel already employed in a related industry who wish to enhance their skills for job advancement, change, or comprehension. Students will complete introductory-level coursework and obtain the skills necessary for them to understand the technologies related to web design and development. Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy, familiarity with the Internet, college-level reading and communication ability, and proficiency in basic mathematics. All students must pass the Computer Literacy assessment test before being admitted.

Program Title:
Web Site Design

Award Type:
Basic Web Technologies- Occupational Certificate (Occupational Certificate)

Career Opportunities:

Web Design and Programming is an ever-changing and evolving professional career with many occupational categories and opportunities. One might find employment in a production environment, web development, web programming, customer service, customer support, sales, creative production, consulting or training.

Campus Location: BP

Credits: 17

Choose 17 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 17 Credits
CCIS1515 Web Programming Overview 3
MGDP1205 Fundamentals of Graphic Design 3
MGDP1320 Dreamweaver 3
MGDP1360 Acrobat 2
MMVP1590 Multimedia for the Web 3
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 0 Credits
General Education Electives: 0 Credits

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