Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement



The law enforcement training program at Hennepin Technical College is accredited by the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST). The Law Enforcement certificate program is designed to prepare students to become professional law enforcement officers who have the ability to think clearly, apply communication and human behavior principles, and effectively use hands on skills as the situation requires. This certificate program provides the final skills component of the law enforcement curriculum mandated by the Minnesota Peace Officer and Standards Board.

Program Title:
Law Enforcement

Award Type:
Advanced Technical Certificate

Credits: Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 22
Award Outcomes:
  • Understand the skills required to perform the duties of a police officer.
  • Utilize command presence and officer safety techniques.
  • Apply tactics to control subjects in field encounter situations.
  • Justify lawful use of force with applicable MN state statutes, Federal Case law and established Use of Force continuum.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with hand guns and long guns.
  • Employ tactics and procedures to detain and control suspects.
  • Demonstrate concepts and techniques to conduct vehicle contacts.
  • Demonstrate emergency vehicle operations.
  • Identify federal and state statutes pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of a police officer.
  • Support concepts of policing.
  • Distinguish diverse groups which make up MN communities.
  • Assess methods to meet the needs of domestic needs victims.
  • Express core ethical principles.
  • Compose police reports.
  • Describe crime scene techniques.
  • Demonstrate officer interactions with crime victims.

Career Opportunities:
Upon successful completion of the program the student will be eligible to take the Minnesota State Peace Officer License Examination. Completion of this Examination is required in order to obtain entry law enforcement positions with state, county, or local agencies.

Choose Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 22 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 22 Credits
LAWE2225 Criminal Investigation 3
LAWE2230 Legal Issues for Law Enforcement 3
LAWE2231 MN Criminal and Traffic Codes 3
LAWE2240 Patrol Operations 3
LAWE2250 Law Enforcement Operations 3
LAWE2260 In Progress 1
LAWE2270 Traffic and Investigations 2
LAWE2280 Defensive Tactics 2
LAWE2290 Firearms 2
LAWE2300 Defensive Driving for Law Enforcement Students 0
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 0 Credits
General Education Electives: 0 Credits