Accounting Careers

Accounting Careers



This degree is designed to prepare individuals for employment in the accounting profession at the associate accountant level. Students learn the basics of accounting principles, and how these are applied to real-world business settings, along with a variety of software commonly used by accountants. This degree also expands the students’ knowledge communication, writing, and critical thinking skills. Upon completion of the degree, the student can analyze financial transactions, record transactions, prepare financial statements and documents, and interpret financial information. This award will transfer to Metro State University and other institutions towards a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

Program Title:
Accounting Careers

Award Type:
Associate of Science

Credits: Total Associate of Science Credits 60
Award Outcomes:
  • Analyze financial statements.
  • Apply professional communication skills.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate mathematical skills essential to accounting.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior.
  • Generate accounting financial statements.
  • Record business transactions.
  • Utilize current accounting and office software.
  • Analyze various tax rules and regulations.
  • Synthesize business information.

Career Opportunities:
Job opportunities are available in any organization that conducts financial transactions: private business, non-profit and government organizations. Job titles include accounting clerk, payroll specialist, staff accountant, tax preparer, inventory clerk, associate accountant, and accounting support specialist.

Choose Total Associate of Science Credits 60 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 29 Credits
ACCT1130 Great Plains Accounting 3
ACCT1135 QuickBooks 3
ACCT1145 Business Law for Accountants 3
BUSN1140 Business Law 3
ACCT2155 Financial Accounting 4
ACCT2221 Managerial Accounting 4
ACCT2231 Income Tax 4

Financial Accounting Metro State University 4

Business Taxation Metro State University 4
CCIS1080 Microsoft Office 2013 3
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 31 Credits
COMM2130 Public Speaking 3

Principles of Macroeconomics Metro State University 3
ECON2200 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ENGL2121 Writing and Research 4
MATH2150 Introduction to Statistics 3
MATH2200 College Algebra 4

Choose 3 credits from MnTC Goal Area 6 3

Choose 8 credits from 2 of the following MnTC Goal Areas: 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 -or- 10 8
General Education Electives: 0 Credits