Medical Office Careers

Medical Office Careers



This program is offered in partnership with Anoka Technical College, and the award is issued by Anoka Technical College. Medical coders are clinical data professionals who translate written medical documentation into alpha-numeric codes to comply with medical reimbursement procedures and health information data requirements. Accuracy and knowledge of patient confidentiality laws are required. Information on Anoka Technical College courses can be found at or by calling 763-576-4700.

Program Title:
Medical Office Careers

Award Type:

Credits: Total Diploma Credits 43
Award Outcomes:
  • Analyze medical record documentation in order to assign diagnostic and procedure codes.
  • Provide important information for the health care reimbursement process.
  • Assist in medical research and statistics.

Career Opportunities:
Career opportunities are available for individuals in health care settings such as clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Note: A minimum course grade of a "C" must be earned in each of the courses to meet graduation requirements.

Choose Total Diploma Credits 43 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 36 Credits
ACCT1125 Excel 3 ADSC 1221 Introduction to Health Information Management (Anoka) 3 ADSC 1231 ICD-10 (Anoka) 3 ADSC 1240 Coding & Reimbursement for Physician’s Services (Anoka) 3 ADSC 1244 Legal and Ethical Aspects in Health Care (Anoka) 2
ADSC1249 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement (Anoka) 2 ADSC 1252 Professional Practice for Coding Specialists (Anoka) 3
CCIS1080 Microsoft Office 2013 3
CPLT1005 Skill Building and Document Processing 3 HLTH 1000 Disease Conditions (Anoka) 2
HLTH1020 Disease Conditions 3
BIOL2045 Human Biology 4
HLTH 1005 Anatomy and Physiology (Anoka) 4
OFCR1301 Medical Terminology 4 NURS 1140 Pharmacology I (Anoka) 1
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 7 Credits
COMM2050 Interpersonal Communication 3 ENGL 1105 Composition I (Anoka) 4
General Education Electives: 0 Credits