Information Technology/Computer Careers

Information Technology/Computer Careers



The workplace administrative professional is a key member of the office team. This individual will use current software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and business presentations. As a workplace administrative professional, you may have the opportunity to serve as a communications link to the technology staff. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to assume additional responsibility are essential. Upon completing the diploma program, students will have the knowledge to undertake a variety of tasks and responsibilities within a professional office environment. Prerequisite: CPLT1000 Computer Keyboarding or comparable course. Basic computer literacy, familiarity with the Internet, college-level reading ability, and proficiency in basic mathematics. All students must pass the Computer Literacy assessment test before registering for these courses.

Program Title:
Information Technology/Computer Careers

Award Type:

Credits: Total Diploma Credits 34
Award Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  • Exhibit organizational skills.
  • Exhibit detail-oriented skills.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Demon. prof. in word pro., spreadsheet., database. & present. software.
  • Key at a minimum rate of 35 net words per minute.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic computer operations.

Career Opportunities:
Positions are available as office managers and assistants. Employment may be found with banks, insurance companies, health care facilities, government agencies, educational institutions, retail industries and various service and manufacturing businesses.

Choose Total Diploma Credits 34 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 24 Credits
ACCT1000 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACCT1125 Excel 3
CCIS1032 Access 2013 3
CCIS1035 Word 2013 3
CCIS1042 PowerPoint 2013 3
CCIS1080 Microsoft Office 2013 3
CCIS1101 Windows 8 3
CPLT1005 Skill Building and Document Processing 3
Technical Studies Electives: 3 Credits
Any CCIS course that is not required for this award may be used as an elective. Recommended:
CCIS1310 Publisher 2013 3
CCIS2090 Office 2013 Integration 3
CCIS2095 Outlook 2013 2
General Education Required: 7 Credits
COMM1050 Communication in the Workplace 2
ENGL2001 Workplace Correspondence 2
ENGL1010 Business English 3
MATH1007 Math for the Trades 2
MATH1050 Math Pathways Plus for College and Careers 4
MATH1060 Math Pathways for College and Careers 3
General Education Electives: 0 Credits