• Program: Information Technology/Computer Careers
  • Degree: Occupational Certificate
  • Credits: Total Occupational Certificate Credits 25
  • Academic Planning Guide:


The workplace administrative assistant is a valuable member of the office team who is responsible for a variety of activities that support the day-to-day office operations. Workplace administrative assistants will use current software applications in preparing business documents. Basic accounting procedures and excellent interpersonal skills are essential. Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy, familiarity with the Internet, college-level reading ability, and proficiency in basic mathematics. CPLT1000 or 20 net words a minute on keyboarding assessment test. All students must pass the Computer Literacy assessment test before registering for these courses.

Career Opportunities

Employment may be found with banks, insurance companies, health care facilities, government agencies, educational institutions, retail industries and various service and manufacturing businesses. Information on careers, salary and employment outlook, is available on the iSeek and Bureau of Labor Statistics websites: and

Award Outcomes:

  • Record business transactions.
  • Compare decision making solutions.
  • Produce variety of business documents.
  • Provide solutions using office suite.
  • Utilize office suite personal information manager.
  • Differentiate desktop vs. cloud apps.
  • Compose business documents.
  • Identify communication styles.
  • Utilize proofreading and editing skills.
  • Exhibit detail-oriented skills.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 17 Credits
General Education Requirements 8 Credits
  • COMM1050 Communication in the Workplace 2
  • ENGL1010 Business English 3
  • MATH1050 Math Pathways Plus for College and Careers 4
  • MATH1060 Math Pathways for College and Careers 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 0 Credits

Academic Planning Guide:

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