Accounting Careers

Accounting Careers



The accounting technician is a key member in the accounting department who specializes in a certain area of preparing and maintaining the business records. You may be assigned to the accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll or other accounting areas. Skills in journaling and posting transactions, preparing financial reports or in the preparation of payroll records are necessary. Accounting technicians must be able to use computerized accounting software, spreadsheets, word processing and other data information software. Individuals entering this field must be team players who display a willingness to share their specialized knowledge with other accounting areas.

Program Title:
Accounting Careers

Award Type:

Credits: Total Diploma Credits 31
Award Outcomes:
  • Analyze financial statements.
  • Apply professional communication skills.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate mathematical skills essential to accounting.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior.
  • Generate accounting financial statements.
  • Record business transactions.
  • Utilize current accounting and office software.
  • Complete payroll activities.

Career Opportunities:
Accounting Technicians will find high employment demand in both the private and public sectors of business. Large organizations often seek accounting individuals to become specialists in their accounting department. This rapidly growing specialization trend focuses on employing highly trained accounting technicians who can deal with complex problems in their area of expertise.

Choose Total Diploma Credits 31 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 24 Credits
ACCT1102 Principles of Accounting I 4
ACCT1107 Principles of Accounting II 4
ACCT1111 Payroll Accounting 3
ACCT1125 Excel 3
ACCT1130 Great Plains Accounting 3
ACCT1135 QuickBooks 3
ACCT1145 Business Law for Accountants 3
BUSN1140 Business Law 3
ACCT2155 Financial Accounting 4
Technical Studies Electives: 3 Credits
Any ACCT, BUSN -or- CCIS course that is not required for this award may be used as an elective.
General Education Required: 3 Credits
COMM2050 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM2060 Small Group Communication 3
COMM2130 Public Speaking 3
General Education Electives: 1 Credits
Any HTC college level general education course may be used to satisfy the elective requirement.