Are you a front line or operations employee who wants to make the transition to team leader? Or, were you recently promoted to a supervisory position and want to enhance employee engagement and retention? If so, the new “Line to Leadership – Transitioning from Operations to Supervision” training is for you.

Innovative program
The program, which was developed in collaboration with industry partners, was recently expanded in response to overwhelmingly positive feedback from industry partners, such as St. Jude Medical and Toro Company. Although there are dozens of leadership training programs available, there are not any in Minnesota that focus on making the transition from a line or operations position to a supervisory position. 

What you’ll learn
The training sessions focus on common leadership issues and challenges to help you:

  • Encourage employees to share ideas
  • Manage underperforming employees 
  • Communicate effectively in person and in writing 
  • Deal with those who constantly challenge your decisions 
  • Mange employees who often call in sick 

Interactive and hands-on

  • Problem-solving scenarios and role-playing exercises to help you build skills and manage employees, particularly those of different generations.
  • Homework assignments, which will help you to focus on communicating clearly and concisely. 

Training options
The training is offered as a 32-hour class or an eight hour class at HTC’s Eden Prairie campus.

  • The first eight-hour training will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 3
  • Two-hour and four-hour customized training sessions can be conducted at company work sites. 

Skills and leadership gap
“Our industry partners said they wanted this training because they are anticipating a skills gap and a leadership gap and they didn’t have a way to effectively move people from operations to team leader,” according to HTC’s Instructor and Director of Outreach, Customized Training Services Mike Colestock.

Benefits the bottom line
It also benefits a company’s bottom line. Talent acquisition spending is up six percent over 2010, with the   average cost-per-hire for all U.S. companies at $3,479, according to a 2011 study of U.S. companies with 100 or more employees, conducted by Oakland, Calif,-based research firm Bersin & Associates.

Local companies seeing benefits
Local companies are already reaping benefits from the training. “For Toro’s three shift operations at the Shakopee facility, our supervisors provide leadership for over 200 employees. We are continually looking for training courses to further improve their leadership skills. This course offered a hands-on approach, giving our supervisors an opportunity to try these newly-learned skills with peers in a classroom setting,” said Toro Company Director of Operations Kelly Pearson. “Those participating were also able to network with and learn from leaders in similar production operations at other companies.”

Information and registration
For more information, visit Contact HTC Customized Training Representative Matt Leaf at 952-995-1345 or for more information on future open enrollment dates and customized training opportunities and/or to register for training.

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