For the past six months, the Adult Academic Program (AAP) has been offering college preparatory classes at Hennepin Technical College (HTC) in Brooklyn Park. Students near college-readiness improve their reading, math, and language skills and, in turn, can improve their score on the college entrance exam. Traditional, classroom classes meet on Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon, while on-line computer lab classes meet Fridays from noon to 2 p.m. “Our students are extremely dedicated and excited about the flexibility on-line learning gives them,” said Barbara Beystrom, the on-line College Prep teacher.

One such dedicated student is Alan. After getting laid off from his job last winter, Alan started attending GED classes at AAP and the College Preparatory class at Hennepin Technical College. “His attendance and commitment were amazing,” said Kristine Kelly, his teacher. Alan credits the College Prep class for helping him learn to write well enough to pass the GED writing test. He has now applied to Hennepin Technical College (HTC) for their “M-powered” Math for Machining program and with an excellent recommendation from the AAP counselor, Dan Woodbury, hopes to start in the Fall.  “I owe the school and the teachers a lot,” says Alan, as “they were always right there for me. I consider myself a miracle."
Another student, Jeff, has been out of school for a few years and was weak on math skills. During this past winter, Jeff worked in AAP’s on-line classroom which gave him the ability to study at home and in the HTC computer lab. Thanks to his on-line work, Jeff was able to increase his math score for the college entrance exam and enroll in the classes he wanted.
Yet another student, LaToya had taken the college entrance exam twice before and scored below the developmental course level. She was disheartened; but, after attending the College Prep Reading class, LaToya received a reading score that placed her in the developmental reading class. She feels very positive about her future at Hennepin Tech. In fact, Mary Babcock, a Student Advisor at HTC, reported that, “LaToya was absolutely thrilled with her test results and raved how much ‘College Prep Fridays’ helped her.”
On-line College Prep classes start September 9. Math and reading College Prep classes start Friday, September 30. For more information about attending College Prep classes at HTC, call the Robbinsdale Adult Academic Program at 763-504-8300.


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