Minnesota needs Hennepin Technical College and the Minnesota State College and Universities more than ever before. Encouraging connections that will support the core commitments will determine what the future looks like for HTC. Now, there’s no doubt that faculty, staff, and campus leaders are already working extremely hard every day to best serve our 430,000 students and communities across the state. Clearly, we’re working together, but it’s not enough.

The recommendations drafted with input from over 5,000 students, faculty, and staff in Charting the Future (CTF) give us the roadmap for how we can break down silos and work together in new ways to better serve students and communities across our state. To translate them into specific actions four teams were launched in spring 2014: Student Success, Diversity, Comprehensive Workplace Solutions, System Incentives and Rewards. Over the past several months, the campus led teams researched and developed ideas to better serve students and communities across the state and strengthen the colleges and universities.

Update: December 2015

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