Scott Olson

For Scott Olson, the knowledge he gained in the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Hennepin Technical College was the starting point for a career that has included developing multiple patents for stent delivery devices at Boston Scientific, serving as one of the four original engineers at the start-up of Velocimed, and now launching Matrix Medtech, a company focused on innovative medical device product development, based in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

“You have to be willing to work hard,” says Olson in explaining his success. Looking at a career that started after he graduated from HTC in 1988, Olson appreciates the knowledge base he gained at the college. He got into the field because, he says, “It seemed that everything was plastic, even the interior of cars.” His first job after graduation was with an injection molding shop. Then a friend suggested he apply at Boston Scientific, where he worked on extrusion tubing and was made a supervisor. Olson says that his plastics degree from HTC helped him get started at Boston Scientific.

Interested in getting into product design, Olson learned about medical devices and applied to the research and development lab at Boston Scientific. During his tenure there, Olson developed multiple patents for stent delivery devices. Along the way, he attended classes at North Hennepin Community College and Normandale Community College to help him move forward in the manufacturing area as he learned about large volume production. After 11 years at Boston Scientific, Olson tried his hand at entrepreneurship with the launch of Velocimed.

“Four of us were recruited as engineers in the beginning to start it and we helped build the company up to 85 employees,” recalls Olson. St. Jude Medical bought the company in 2005. That turned the operation into a big company; Olson stayed on for a year. “A small company is an adventure,” he emphasizes, adding that over the years he has found his skills are tailored to working with customers and using his ability to explain technical information in ways people can understand. That’s why a friend who was working for a company in Ireland recruited Olson for a technical sales post. The downside was the constant travel required. So, after more than three years with the company, Olson decided it was time to be closer to home. Launching Matrix Medtech, he’s focused on helping medical device companies have successful product development programs.

At a starting point more than twenty years ago, Scott Olson saw a future in learning about plastics. And he was right. With a combination of hard work, perseverance, and the knowledge he gained at HTC and throughout his career, Scott Olson has carved out a path to success.

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