Jeff Arendt

These days, HTC graduate Jeff Arendt flies his own airplane, has property holdings in South Dakota, Kansas, and Idaho, and is part-owner of a private golf course in Arizona. And he’s still a fan of technical college training.

“It’s very focused and provides hands-on training when students want to learn something specific,” says Arendt, who graduated from the Marketing program at HTC’s Brooklyn Park campus in 1982. “Instructors at HTC have worked in the field and share that real-world experience with their students.” He believes that’s a key factor in preparing students for success on the job.

Growing up in Golden Valley, Arendt graduated from Armstrong High School and attended HTC intending to work for his father, Bill Arendt, in one of his two collection agencies. Instead, the younger Arendt landed a job at Crosstown Marine, which inspired him two years later to start his own boat hauling and storage company. Over the years, his career in the marine industry also included boat sales and a charter excursion boat business on Lake Minnetonka. Along the way, he also bought hobby farms in the Lake Minnetonka area to use for boat storage.

Today, Arendt lives in Maple Plain, and is a principal in FPV, an investment company he founded with his father. “It stands for Fun Profit Ventures,” explains Arendt, “in part to honor my brother.” Greg Arendt died in an accident at the age of 43. At the time, he had turned over the day-to-day operations of his company to employees so he could enjoy more leisure time. Reflecting on a life cut short, Jeff Arendt took that lesson to heart. He sold his excursion boat business and decided to allow himself more time to enjoy life. That includes working on projects with his friend, HTC Ford ASSET Instructor Drew Goddard, as well as flying his plane to check on his properties in other states.

Now, three decades after graduating from HTC and launching his career, Jeff Arendt is glad to see the college continuing to prepare students for a world of opportunities. “Students need a good work ethic to succeed,” emphasizes Arendt, “and HTC helps instill that.”

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