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Get Ahead with Summer Gen Ed!

Did you know that Hennepin Tech offers a great selection of affordable General Education courses in addition to those that focus on career and hands-on training? The cost of HTC courses is $170.61/credit and the tuition will remain the same for the next two years. This is one of the lowest tuitions in Minnesota.  For this value you get the same great instruction with courses that meet the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.  We look forward to working with you as you write the next chapter in your story at Hennepin Technical College!

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What's New in General Education? Check out these new courses!

ARTS2120 Survey of Photographic Arts

This course provides a framework for critically considering significant photographers and their work. Students are expected to describe, interpret, and evaluate the origins, stylistic changes and artistic innovations in the history of photography from the 19th Century through contemporary times. (Prereq: Qualifying score on writing assessment test OR ENGL1021 and Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921 or ESOL0842) (BP/EP) 3 cr MnTC Goal Area: 6

BIOL2003 Nutrition and Health

This course examines the various aspects of nutrition and provides a broad overview of the factors that impact health and wellness. Topics include the nutritional requirements specific to human life cycles, nutrition to promote health, nutrition and disease processes, food safety, environmental and nutritional implications of food processing, genetic modifications, and current agricultural practices. This course also addresses the socio-cultural factors that impact health. (Prereq: Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH0900 and Qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0921) (BP/EP) 3 cr MnTC Goal Area = 8 & 10

BIOL2045 Human Biology

This course is a survey of the general structures and functions of the human body using an organ systems approach. Areas of study include human organization, support and movement, integration and coordination, maintenance of the body, body defenses, reproduction, and development. Each human organ system will be investigated to develop an understanding of its contribution to the normal functioning of the human body. Discussion of basic disease processes associated with each system, and current health and social issues will also be integrated. (Prereq: Qualifying score on math assessment OR MATH1000 and Qualifying score on reading assessment OR ENGL0921) (BP/EP) 4 cr MnTC Goal Area = 3

COMM1010 Interviewing Skills

Preparing for a job interview could very well be one of the most important moments of a career search. This course will help students sharpen interviewing skills such as open-ended questioning, active listening, and reading body language - all essential in a variety of interview situations. Just a little preparation and thought ahead of time can have wondrous effects on interviewing skills. This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the interviewing process. (Prereq: Qualifying score on writing assessment test OR ENGL0921, qualifying score on reading assessment test OR ENGL0930, successful completion of COMM1040 strongly recommended) (BP/EP) 1 cr

ENGL2200 Introduction to Cinema

This is a writing intensive course where students study and analyze the basic elements of a critical understanding of film: story elements; visual design; cinematography and color; editing and special effects; functions of sound and music; styles of acting and directing; and functions of genre. (Prereq: Qualifying score on the writing assessment test OR ENGL1021) (BP/EP) 3 cr MnTC Goal Area = 6

MATH1007 Math for the Trades - Summer 2013

This course explores basic math skills in practical contexts required by students in the trade programs, including skills with integers fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals. The course would emphasize doing rather than theory, application rather than memorization, self-confidence, building mathematical reasoning, and practical use of tools and formulas. 2 credits.

PHYS2001 Introductory Physics

Physics is the study of matter, energy, force and motion and the interrelationships among them. Fundamental principles of physics provide the basis upon which much of modern technology operates. This is a one semester course that covers the basic principles of physics with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and application. Students will gain an understanding of natural processes and their applications. Topics include the structure of matter, mechanics, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, and sound. (Prereq: Qualifying score on math assessment test OR MATH1000 or MATH1006) (BP/EP) 3 cr MnTC Goal Area = 3


General Education is Important to Your Program Education
Sometimes students wonder why they need to take general education courses as a part of their award program.  There are several reasons to take general education courses.

Your program courses will focus on teaching the skill sets necessary to fulfill the technical requirements of your future career. General education courses have been designed to support your program and will assist you in working with co-workers, vendors, and customers, by teaching people and thinking skills necessary to help with your success.  

Many of you will be taking a skills assessment test at the end of your program.  This assessment will not only test your technical skills, but will also assess your ability to work with people.  In talking with business and industry professionals, they have told faculty how important these thinking and people skills are in the workplace.  Using these soft skills will help you work well with others and bring value to your work while making you a valuable asset to your employer.

The courses we design in General Education will change your life by giving you skills to improve both your professional and personal life.

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