Flyers and posters must be displayed only on bulletin boards.

  • One copy of any flyer or poster on display must be given to the receptionist.
  • The owner of the flyer or poster is responsible for taking down the posting at an appropriate time (after an event, etc.)
  • Easels can only be displayed for one day (during a special event, meeting or class).

Areas that flyers or posters cannot be displayed:

  • Any glass (This includes windows, enclosed display cases, etc.)
  • Doors
  • Painted or brick walls
  • In or outside bathrooms
  • On or in front of counters and/or desks
  • Any Human Resources and/or Union bulletin boards (See Human Resources if you have questions)


  • Construction signage
  • Departments or offices may display flyers or posters near doorways as long as the flyer or poster is in an appropriate sign or poster holder/frame. Please work with Marketing and Facilities for your needs.

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