To apply for MSCF Professional Development funds:

  1. The faculty member completes the MSCF Professional Development Fund Approval Form for their assigned campus (form linked below).
  2. The faculty member completes and obtains signatures for Hennepin Technical College Employee Pre-Approval Travel form and attaches this to the Approval Forms. 
  3. The signed approval form (signed by dean and all other signatures as required), and the information about the activity needed for payment, is submitted to the MSCF Professional Development Campus Representative (Jennie Simning-BPC, Kerry Norling-BPC, or Matt Holmes-EPC) per committee guidelines.
  4. The Professional Development Sub-Committee meets to review, approve, and sign the approval form. The PDSC retains 1 copy of all documents for their records.
  5. The signed approval form and accompanying documents are forwareded to the Office Services Manager: Suzanne Burley (BPC/EPC), or to Tracy Seran (CTS Only)

After the activity is completed:

  1. The faculty member completes a SEMA expense report with appropriate receipts (if needed) and submits it to Suzanne Burley (BPC/EPC), or to Tracy Seran (CTS Only).
  2. The faculty member writes up a short, one-paragraph summary of the activity and sends it to Jennie Simning-BPC, Kerry Norling-BPC, or Matt Holmes-EPC to be shared with the campus Professional Development Committee.

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