As Chair of a search, you have been entrusted with being responsible for one of the most important tasks in the college, which is, overseeing the process of identifying and recommending candidates for a vacancy at HTC.  A successful search demands organized and well-documented efforts at each stage of the process and, as Chair, it is your responsibility to see that it happens.
Please read and follow the Search Task List below to ensure you know exactly what your responsibilities are and that each search committee member understands his/her job.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you and have a great search!

Jean Maierhofer, Affirmative Action Officer (AAO),763-488-2633,

Jill Kirschner, Human Resources Secretary,763-488-2548,

Melissa Danner, Human Resources Specialist, 763-488-2438,

Larnyia Lee, Human Resources Specialist,763-488-2494,

Search Task List

1.  Determine Timeline of Search

2.  Form your Search Committee

Committee membership may be filled by open invitation or other means deemed appropriate by the search committee chair and hiring manager. Inform Affirmative Action Officer and Human Resource Specialists of your committee members. The AAO and/or HR may remove or recommend additional members to serve on your committee in an effort to ensure a diverse group of committee members and an equitable and unbiased search process. Committee members should not have a conflict of interest or an obvious bias in the search process. 

Committee members will be required to watch the Confidentiality and Affirmative Action Videos on D2L .  Members should attend all search meetings and interviews.  Note:  If a search member misses one interview, they may not participate in further interviews or applicant discussions.

3.  First Search Committee Meeting

Invite the AAO to review affirmative action responsibiliities in the search process.  Committee members should have completed the confidentiality and affirmative action agreement forms electronically in D2L prior to the first search committee meeting.

Invite HR to review confidentiality responsibilities and Neogov (if applicable) in the search process. Print and distribute Confidentiality Handout to all committee members. Print and have all members sign Confidentiality Agreement.

Note:  Members will not be allowed access to resume/application materials without completing electronic D2L forms.

Prepare Rating Grid Form and submit to AAO and HR for approval.

Prepare interview questions and submit for approval to AAO and HR.  Please contact HR if you would like sample interview questions.

Human Resoucres Specialists will give access to resumes in Neogov and Recruiting Solutions once committee members have completed the required search committee training. Applicant information does not leave Human Resources or the Search Chair's possession.

4.  Second Meeting

Committee identifies candidates to interview (semifinalists).

After second meeting, submit semifinalist pool to AAO and HR for approval prior to scheduling interviews. AAO will notify the chair to conduct an additional review of appliations and/or provide written rationale why protected class members were not considered.

Note:  For classified positions, Recently Separated Veteran's (RSV's) must be invited to interview if they meet the minimum qualifications.  AAO and/or HR will notify you of any applicable RSV's.

5.   Interviews

Search chair schedules interviews and should follow-up with a letter/email of confirmation.  This is the point in the process where you inform the candidates of any necessary tests (i.e.: typing, proofreading, etc.) that must be completed prior to the interview. Travel reimbursement for the interview process is generally not covered for any positions below the Administrator classification level.

Reference Release Form and Informed Consent Document are given to candidates for signature.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), applicants have the right to request a reasonable accommodation to assist them through the search/interview process. If an applicant with a disability inquires about a reasonable accommodation, the Human Resources Office will contact the Access Center. Do not initiate an offer to accommodate an applicant under any circumstances; to do so is in violation of the law. The applicant must initiate all requests.

6.     Final Committee Meeting

Committee determines their top finalist(s) and prepares Finalist Justification Document.This document should list how the finalist(s) have met or exceeded the minimum and preferred qualifications and how they meet the position duties. Therefore your form should list all minimum and preferred qualfications as well as the duties outlined in the postiFfin

Submit justification document to AAO and HR.

The finalist(s) must be approved by the AAO prior to next step in hiring process.

7.  Finalist(s) Reference Checks and Informed Consents

The search chair contacts the finalist(s) to inform them they are moving on in the process and that their references and employers will be contacted.  HR will contact all applicants not selected to notify them they will no longer be considered for the position.

Submit reference check questions to AAO and HR for approval (Sample Reference Check Questions).

Forward the signed Informed Consent form to Jill Kirschner in HR.

The search chair checks finalist(s) references and the responses must be thoroughly documented for each reference contacted.  Minimum of 3 professional references which includes previous/current supervisors.

The Search Chair will forward the completed reference checks and justification document for each finalist(s) to the Hiring Supervisor.  HR will forward completed informed consent information to the Hiring Supervisor.

8.     Finalist(s) Interview


  Faculty Administrator Supervisor All Other Positions
Who is Final Interview President & Vice President President & Vice President (if appropriate) President & Vice President* Vice President*
# of Finalist(s) 1 3 2 1

*In the areas of HR, IT, or Institutional Advancement, final interview is done with the appropriate Administrator rather than VP.

If the search chair is not the hiring supervisor, the hiring supervisor may participate in the finalist(s) interview along with the President and/or Vice President.

The hiring supervisor should coordinate the scheduling of the finalist(s) interview with the President and/or Vice President.  Contact Lisa Yaeger to schedule with the President or Dawn Peterson to schedule with the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Hiring decisions are made by the President and/or Vice President with hiring supervisor consultation as appropriate.

9. Offer of Employment

Prior to offer of employment, check with Melissa Danner in Human Resources regarding start date and pay rate.  Pay rates must be pre-approved by the Minnesota State System Office in most instances.

The Hiring Supervisor contacts the finalist and makes an offer of employment.  Once finalist accepts offer of employment, email Melissa Danner in Human Resources to confirm.

10.  Closing the Search

Human Resources will notify the non-selected finalist(s) after offer has been accepted.

The entire search file (i.e.: tracking worksheet, rating sheets, resumes, interview notes, strengths and opportunities, reference checks, etc.) is then hand delivered to HR's Jill Kirschner - within 1 week after the offer has been accepted.  If the search is in Neogov, candidate dispositions must be selected for all candidates.  Contact Melissa Danner or Larnyia Lee in HR with questions on Neogov.

All materials associated with a search process are subject to disclosure upon appropriate notification and/or subpoena should the college’s process be challenged in the form of a discrimination complaint by an authorized agency of the courts.

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