Managing positions is one of the most critical functions of a supervisor.  It sets the base level for understanding regarding what an employee is expected to accomplish and sets the parameters for appropriate compensation.  Position management includes all areas related to the management of a job position within Hennepin Technical College.  This includes position descriptions, new position classification review, reallocation* and change in allocation**.  This page will provide resources and help guide you through position management.

Position Descriptions:

Position Descriptions should be reviewed and/or updated once a year, usually in conjunction with an employee's performance evaluation.  A signed paper copy should accompany the employee's completed performance evaluation and forwarded to Human Resources.  An electronic position description should also be forwarded via email to Missy Miller in Human Resources.  In addition a position description should be reviewed and/or updated when duties have changed significantly, when a position becomes vacant and/or when there is an organizational need for resctructuring of a position.


Position Classification Review: 

Positions should be evaluated for potential classification review when a new position is created, the duties of an existing position have changed (either through reallocation or change in allocation), or a vacancy occurs (see flowchart for further details).  

Submit the following to HR:


*Reallocation:  Duties have changed substantially in a gradual manner over time.  When a reallocation occurs, the incumbent automatically "goes with" the position to the new classification.

**Change in Allocation:  Duties have changed substantially in an abrupt manner, e.g. reorganization.  When a change in allocation occurs, the position constitutes a vacancy and the incumbent will have to compete for it. 

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