The credentialing process is intended to ensure that all faculty hired meet the system-established minimum qualifications required to teach in their field and possess the additional skills necessary to be an effective instructor.  The faculty's information will be evaluated to determine salary placement, credential field(s) qualification, and teaching-and-learning competency. 

TFT & TPT (Adjunct)

Temporary Full-time and Temporary Part-time (Adjunct Faculty) must meet the credential field(s) qualification or have an approved exception.   Salary placement only needs to be complete if teaching 5 or more credits for Fall or Spring or more than 3 credits for Summer.   Teaching-and-learning competency requirement does not need to be completed for TFT &TPT Faculty at this time.  See below for information on the next steps. 

Credential Field(s) Qualification and Salary Placement

  • Log into Employee Home
  • Click on "My Profile" tab
  • Click the arrow to expand each of the following areas: Work Experience, Education and Professional Licenses/Certificates (if required by credential field you are working under)
  • Request official transcripts from the college you entered in the system (ask them to be sent to you but don't open the envelope)
  • Complete Paid Work Experience Verification forms for each employer entered into the Work Experience tab. You can complete the form and sign off yourself rather than send to your employer. Your completion and signature signifies that the information is accurate.
  • Once all transcripts have been received, forward transcripts and any completed work verification forms to Human Resources at Brooklyn Park Campus.
  • Human Resources will review against the information you've entered into the system.
  • If you teach 5  or more credits for Fall or Spring or more than 3 credits in the Summer, follow below salary placement instructions.

Unlimited Faculty

Unlimited faculty must meet the credential field qualifications upon hire.  Salary placement should be completed by the start of employment and the teaching-and-learning competency within 3 years from hire.  Salary placement is the evaluation of the faculty member's credentials for initial salary schedule placement. 

What are my next steps?

Credential Field Qualification and Salary Placement

  • Follow the steps above

Teaching-and-Learning Competency

  • Depending on evaluation, you will be required to take up to four (4) courses:.
    • Course Construction (credit course)
    • Teaching/instructional Methods (credit course)
    • Student Outcomes Assessment/Evaluation (credit course), and
    • Philosophy of Community and Technical College Education
  • Plan to register for the required courses as stated in your credentialing determination.  See below for information on T&LC Courses.

Check out the course offerings from Southwest Minnesota State University or their website at:

You may use the Tuition Waiver for courses taken through SMSU but not courses taken at the University of Minnesota.  You will need your Star ID and password to access the Tuition Waiver application.

The Philosophy of Community and Technical College Education course is a necessary class to complete the teaching and learning competency requirement for new unlimited college faculty.  This course is free of charge through the Minnesota State System Office (adjunct/part-time faculty are not required to complete T&LC’s).  The course is offered in an online, self-directed, non-credit format as a D2L course from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

To enroll by self-registration for the Philosophy of Community and Technical College Education, go to:

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