Hennepin Technical College Policies and Procedures

Chapter 1 College Organization  
1A.1 Development and Revision of Policies 11/20/14

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education (MnSCU)

Equal Opportunity and Nondscrimination in Employment and Education (HTC)

Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
Contact - 1B.1 Officer: Jean Maierhofer
Phone: 763.488.2633 Email: Jean Maierhofer


Sexual Violence Policy (MnSCU)
Procedure 1B.3.1 (MnSCU)

Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure (HTC)

Contact - Title IX Coord.: Jean Maierhofer
Phone: 763.488.2633 Email: Jean Maierhofer




1B.4  Access for Individuals with Disabilities  
1C.1 Employee Code of Conduct  
1HTC.1 Workplace Violence  
Chapter 2 Students  
2.1 Student Clubs and Organizations 05/15/15
2.9 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 06/25/15
2HTC.1 Student Email  

Library Amenity Lending Policy

Procedure 2HTC.2.1 Library Amenity Lending



Chapter 3 Educational Policies  
3.3 Assessment For Course Placement/College Readiness 03/19/15
3.6 Student Code of Conduct 08/26/14
3.8 Grade Appeals  
3.15 Advanced Placement Credit  
3.16 International Baccalaureate Credit (MnSCU)  
3.21 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer  
3.22 Course Syllabi 05/15/15
3.30 Advisory Committee 05/15/15
3.32 Faculty Credentialing  
3.32.1 Faculty Individual Professional Development Plan  
3.33 College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit 01/15/15
3.35 Credit For Prior Learning 02/23/15
3.36 Academic Programs  
3.37 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum  
3HTC.1 Student Data Privacy 08/28/14
3HTC.2 Transportation of Students  
3HTC.3 Field Trips  
3HTC.4 Faculty Individual Professional Development Plan 05/15/15
3HTC.5 Internships  
3HTC.7 Individualized Studies  
3HTC.9 Academic Integrity  
3HTC.11 Curriculum Standards Review & Revision   
3HTC.13 Last Date of Attendance (LDA) 02/23/15
Chapter 4 Human Resources  
4.0.1 Use of Volunteers Procedure 08/28/14
4.4 Weather/Short Term Emergency Closings  
4.8 Emeritus Status  
4.9 Employee Evaluation  
4HTC.1 Professional Development 08/28/14
Chapter 5 Administration  
5.13 Information Technology Administration 08/28/14
5.14 Contracts and Procurements (MnSCU)  

Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus (MnSCU)

Drug Free Workplace

5.21 Possession or Carry of Firearm & Other Weapons 05/15/15
5.22 Acceptable Use of IT Resources  08/28/14
5.23 Security & Privacy Of Information Resources (MnSCU)  
5HTC.1 Safety Committee 08/28/14
5HTC.2 Employee Right to Know 09/18/14
5HTC.3 Communicable Diseases 12/18/14
5HTC.4 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard Exposure Control Plan 08/28/14
5HTC.6 Tobacco Free 08/28/14
5HTC.7 Freedom of Expression  
5HTC.8 Web Pages  
5HTC.11 Records Retention   
5HTC.13 Campus Security Authorities 11/20/14
5HTC.14 Children on Campus 04/16/15
Chapter 6 Facilities Management  
6HTC.1 Facility Use  
6HTC.3 Abandoned Personal Property 11/20/14
6HTC.4 Employee Parking Fees 11/20/14
Chapter 7 General Finance Provisions  
7.3.3 Purchasing Cards (MnSCU)  
7.7 Gifts and Grant Acceptance  
Chapter 8 College Relations  

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