Hennepin Technical College Policies and Procedures

Chapter 1 College Organization  
1A.1 Development and Revision of Policies 11/20/14

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education (MnSCU)

Equal Opportunity and Nondscrimination in Employment and Education (HTC)

Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
Contact - 1B.1 Officer: Jean Maierhofer
Phone: 763.488.2633 Email: Jean Maierhofer


Sexual Violence Policy (MnSCU)
Procedure 1B.3.1 (MnSCU)

Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure (HTC)

Contact - Title IX Coord.: Jean Maierhofer
Phone: 763.488.2633 Email: Jean Maierhofer




1B.4  Access for Individuals with Disabilities  
1C.1 Employee Code of Conduct  
1HTC.1 Workplace Violence  
Chapter 2 Students  
2.1 Campus Student Associations  
2.9 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 02/23/15
2HTC.1 Student Email  

Library Amenity Lending Policy

Procedure 2HTC.2.1 Library Amenity Lending



Chapter 3 Educational Policies  
3.3 Assessment For Course Placement  
3.6 Student Code of Conduct 08/26/14
3.8 Grade Appeals  
3.15 Advanced Placement Credit  
3.16 International Baccalaureate Credit  
3.21 Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer  
3.22 Course Syllabi  
3.30 Advisory Committee  
3.32 Faculty Credentialing  
3.32.1 Faculty Individual Professional Development Plan  
3.33 College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit 01/15/15
3.35 Credit For Prior Learning 02/23/15
3.36 Academic Programs  
3.37 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum  
3HTC.1 Student Data Privacy 08/28/14
3HTC.2 Transportation of Students  
3HTC.3 Field Trips  
3HTC.5 Internships  
3HTC.7 Individualized Studies  
3HTC.9 Academic Integrity  
3HTC.11 Curriculum Standards Review & Revision   
3HTC.13 Last Date of Attendance (LDA) 02/23/15
Chapter 4 Human Resources  
4.0.1 Use of Volunteers Procedure 08/28/14
4.4 Weather/Short Term Emergency Closings  
4.8 Emeritus Status  
4.9 Employee Evaluation  
4HTC.1 Professional Development 08/28/14
Chapter 5 Administration  
5.13 Information Technology Administration 08/28/14
5.14 Contracts and Procurements (MnSCU)  

Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus (MnSCU)

Drug Free Workplace

5.21 Possession or Carry of Firearm & Other Weapons  
5.22 Acceptable Use of IT Resources  08/28/14
5.23 Security & Privacy Of Information Resources  
5HTC.1 Safety Committee 08/28/14
5HTC.2 Employee Right to Know 09/18/14
5HTC.3 Communicable Diseases 12/18/14
5HTC.4 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard Exposure Control Plan 08/28/14
5HTC.6 Tobacco Free 08/28/14
5HTC.7 Freedom of Expression  
5HTC.8 Web Pages  
5HTC.11 Records Retention   
5HTC.14 Campus Security Authorities 11/20/14
Chapter 6 Facilities Management  
6HTC.1 Facility Use  
6HTC.3 Abandoned Personal Property 11/20/14
6HTC.4 Employee Parking Fees 11/20/14
Chapter 7 General Finance Provisions  
7.3.3 Purchasing Cards (MnSCU)  
7.7 Gifts and Grant Acceptance  
Chapter 8 College Relations  

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