Welcome to HTC Keynote Award Program!  The objective of this program is to acknowledge the efforts of individuals who promote and enhance a positive educational and personal atmosphere at our school and in their work environment.  All individuals are "KEY" to the success of our school.  All employees are encouraged to recognize their colleagues for a job well done and for helping to make our college a better place to work.

Recognition and appreciation are necessary elements for promoting enthusiasm, strengthening performance, and making HTC a better place for our students and employees, as well as holding fast to our reputation as a solid educational institution.  Keep these points in mind as you review the Keynote Awards Program:

  • Recognize employees who go the extra mile to accomplish a task or who help to make HTC a better place to work.
  • Remember:  That you're eligible for Keynote Awards recognition, too!
  • This is your awards program.  Make the most of it!

A Keynote Award may be sent by an employee to any permanent employee in the college who has met the criteria outlined on the form.  If a specific category is not listed, but you think the employee is deserving of a Keynote Award, you may check "other" and indicate the reason why you would like to recognize the employee.

Click on the  KEYNOTE AWARD FORM Link

In addition to checking the criteria where the employee as "Exceeded the Need," you must provide a brief description of the specific action(s) or behavior(s) that deserves recognition.

Student Contact

  • Extra contact with students to enhance their scholastic success
  • Letters of appreciation received from students
  • Creation of new learning concepts to increase learning
  • Extra efforts to improve student retention

Community Contact

  • Organizing efforts which help to increase enrollment
  • Cultivating and maintaining good customer relations
  • Going above and beyond the call of duty in regard to external customer service


  • Setting a good example
  • Mentoring/coaching others
  • Demonstrating great evaluation and problem solving skills
  • Taking on new challenges

Positive Work Atmosphere

  • Promoting a positive attitude in the workplace
  • Going above and beyond the call of duty in regard to internal customer service
  • Going the extra mile to promote a positive environment


  • Demonstrating resourcefulness
  • Creating innovative solutions
  • Taking a proactive approach
  • Trying something new

Team Player

  • Accountability
  • Working across departments
  • Subordinating self interests to accomplish team goal
  • Speaking up when it would be easier not to
  • Sharing the load
  • Following through

Continuous Improvement

  • Developing solutions that include time/effort/cost savings and quality service improvements
  • Using problem-solving tools/measures to identify root-cause problems
  • Seeking win/win solutions
  • Understanding current/desired processes

Quality Service

  • Professional
  • Helpful
  • Friendly

Monthly Drawings:
All KEYNOTE Award recipients will be entered into a monthly drawing.  KEYNOTE Awards will be randomly drawn on the first Thursday of each month.  Winners will receive a gift card for use at the HTC Bookstore, Cafeteria or Floral Gallery.

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