Mission:  Develop employee engagement methods to foster improvement and success at Hennepin Technical College.

Design, develop, and administer the Keynote Awards system for all HTC employees.  Determine criteria and plans for annual retirement and service award recognition events.

Employee Recognition

Catch Me @ My Best
Have you wondered about the gray boxes on the walls in several areas on both campuses?  The ones that say "Catch Me At My Best"?  They are there because we want to know when an HTC employee has gone above and beyond to help someone out.  When you or our students have positive input on a member of our college community, we want you to complete a small form which is available at each box and drop it in!  Once a month a member of the Employee Engagement committee will check the boxes and retrieve the comments.  The comments will be shared with both the employee and their supervisor.

Keynote Award Program

The objective of this program is to acknowledge the efforts of individuals who promote and enhance a positive educational and personal atmosphere at our school and in their work environment.

All individuals are "KEY" to the success of our school.

Stick-to-it(ness) Sticky Notes

Reward stick-to-it-ness with this quick and fun recognition tool.  Use these on-the-spot notes to recognize small successes and encourage persistence in everyday work!  It just takes a minute to sign your name and hand it off when you see real commitment at work.  Just sign, stick, record, & repeat.

Stop by Human Resources for your sticky notes.

If you are interested in joining the Employee Engagement Committee, please contact Alison Leintz at (763)488-2446.

Fun Committee

Mission:  Promote fun throughout the college; to plan and organize activities for faculty and staff in order to build a positive work spirit in all employees.


Bingo - Watch for further details

Bring your Child to Work Day - Watch for further details

Fantasy Football -

Halloween Party & Costume Contest -Watch for further details

HomeFree Project -Watch for further details

Wii Bowling Tournament -  Watch for further details

Succession Planning

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