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Mission and Goals

To improve the health and well-being of all Hennepin Technical College Employees

Goal 1:  Increase knowledge base for employee of healthy ways of living
Goal 2:  Incorporate physical activity into daily living


Wellness Happenings

Activity Shuffle Card Set - Currently Available
For many of us, a typical day at the office can consist of long periods of minimal movement.  The Activity Shuffle is a new way to get up and get active at the office.  Each deck of cards contains 16 different strength and stretching exercises.  Every card includes a full color picture and detailed instructions of an exercise.  Activity Shuffle decks will be sent to each office area to be done individually or as a group.

Healthy Options at the Cafeteria Website - Currently Available
https://www.hennepintech.edu/about/pages/675  Find out the healthy options that are available to us at the cafeteria.  You can also find nutritional Information for their menu.

Previous Wellness Programs/Sessions:
Life in Balance
Long-term stress, brought on by daily demands, lack of job satisfaction or social isolation can cause our bodies to become run-down.  The life in Balance program is a proactive approach to easing stress.  Each week-long program will focus on a specific area of the Life Balance Pyramid and gives you new balance-building skills and activities to try.

Wellness Educational Seminars
Yoga at Home or on the Job
In this session participants will not only learn the many benefits of yoga, but will have the opportunity to try it as well.  Participants will experience yoga breathing, postures (yoga exercises) and relaxation/guided imagery.  The gentle postures can be done either seated or standing behind a chair and can easily be done at home or at your desk.  Comfortable, casual work clothing is appropriate for this interactive seminar.

Time Management-Finding Tools for a More Balanced Life
This seminar is an opportunity for participants to learn about the many factors which contribute to feeling "crunched for time."  Participants will receive tools and strategies to live more intentionally.  They will also be challenged to examine their current choices and the impact of those choices on their sense of balance in their life.

How Emotions Affect your Health
Research shows that emotions have a significant effect on how people feel physically.  Feelings such as anger, fear and grief can complicate, or sometimes even initiate, physical symptons.  These problems are not psychosomatic or all in your head, but are signals that something is out of balance.  This workshop teaches about the mind-body connection.  Participants learn how to identify signs of emotions effecting the body and learn skills for improving self care and wellness.

Healthy Eating on a Budget
Grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier!  Healthy Eating on a Budget will show you that there are nutritious options at affordable prices.  You will learn how to prepare to save, compare prices on the spot, and get the most out of your purchases.  You will walk away with techniques that will make your trip to the grocery store less painless, and more nutritious!

Upcoming Programs:
Additional Wellness DVD's Available at the Library - Watch for information on additional wellness DVD's that will be available at the Library.  These DVD's will be "Hungry for Change", "Food, Inc.", "Planeat", "Dying to Have Known:  The Evidence Behind Natural Healing".  See below for wellness DVD's currently available at the library.

Wellness Resources and Information

HTC Library - Employees can check out movies and books using your Employee ID Card.  You will need to activate your card in the Library if you have not already done so.  There are also Films On Demand available. 

Wellness related DVD's are
Forks Over Knives
Food Matters
King Corn
The Future of Food

Wellness related books
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by William Davis


Did You Know?

Hennepin Techncial College employees have access to many healthy resources and programs?  Below is a listing of programs and resources:

The MN State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential service for MN state employees and members of their household. They work with people with a variety of issues, including relationship concerns, grief and loss, career and job issues, stress, and more. Online Information.   800.657.3719 or 651.259.3840

SEI (State Employee's, Inc.)  is a non-profit organization that offers, its State of Minnesota employee members, entertainment and other valuable discounts.  An SEI membership includes membership in MERSC (Minnesota Employee Recreation and Services Council).



If you have any suggestions or comments about the employee wellness program, please contact one of the below wellness committee members.

2017-2018 Wellness Committee Members: Brenna Hucka, Jese Ledbetter, Debbie Schierbeck, Paula Caspers, Patti Stroinksi, Molly Vang

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