Paul Howlett, Faculty

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Paul Howlett

Paul Howlett, Faculty

Department: Graphic Design
Phone: 763-488-2623

Location: Brooklyn Park/Eden Prairie
Office: H176

Supervisor: Mark Johnson

Credentials: *A.A.S., Brown Institute *Currently attending several worldly forms of education
Biography: Constantly seeking and creating new art... Capturing images and finding that unique POV is always on this guys mind... Regularly giving his time and energy to various causes often revolving around some sort of (Photoshop) endeavour! Constantly striving to blend natural sciences and healthy living through projects and experiences, he can often be found paddling a river in his kayak or biking a trail along a prairie or steep wooded, single track route, looking for inspiration in everyone and everything. "If you bring passion into what you believe in, others might just see it too."prh~