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Community Paramedic Program FAQS

What is an EMT-CP?

The Community Paramedic will respond to identified health needs in underserved communities, ultimately improving the quality of life and health of rural and remote citizens and visitors. Roles will include: Outreach; wellness; health screening assessments; health teaching; providing immunizations; disease management, including a thorough understanding of monitoring diabetes, congestive heart failure and other high cost diseases and the methods and medications used to treat them; recognition of mental health issues and referral into the existing mental health care system; wound care; safety programs; and, functioning as physician extenders in rural clinics and hospitals in communities that have them.

When is the next class?
Classes will start in Fall 2014, meeting every Wednesday night. There will also be one 8-hour Saturday class date.

How many credits?
Participants will earn 14 credits. The class includes 72 hours of classroom training, 72 hours of online format/D2L and 196 hours of clinical training. Clinicals will be set up in your area.

Who is eligible?
Prerequisite: Currently certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-P) and have two (2) years of full-time service as an EMT-P, or its part-time equivalent, and a letter of recommendation from paramedic's Medical Director.

How do I register?
Candidates will send a current resume and letter of recommendation from their medical director to

Contact Kai Hjermstad at 952-995-1313;

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