Application Fee
Beginning 3/19/2018, a non-refundable $20 application fee will be charged to undergraduate applicants, which is due prior to admission to the college.

Student Activity Fee/Student Life Fee/Student Association Fee
Each student pays a student activity fee and a student life fee on a per credit basis.  These fees support the activities of the Student Senate and the Student Life Board.  Each student also currently pays a state student association fee on a per credit basis.  This fee is authorized by MN statute and set each year by the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA).  These fees are then remitted to the MSCSA to support their activities.

Parking Fee
All students who park a vehicle on campus are required to pay a parking fee on a per credit basis.  The parking fee includes state sales tax.

Technology Fee
Each student registered for credit courses pays a technology fee on a per credit basis.

Additional Course Fees
Some courses may require additional fees.

Books, Tools and Other Costs
Students must purchase books, personal tools, other supplies, and special clothing if required.  The college furnishes  up-to-date equipment in its lab areas.  Materials to work on projects may also be provided.

CLEP Test Fee
Two separate fees are required for the CLEP test.  HTC charges a $25 non-refundable administration fee and CLEP charges $80 to purchase the exam.  Click here for more information on CLEP.

Commencement Fee
If you choose to participate in the commencement ceremony in May, a non-refundable $10 commencement fee will be added to your student account to cover the cost of your cap and gown.  You must pay this balance before the ceremony date.

Late Fees
A $50 late fee will be charged on past due accounts.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check Fees
The college will apply a service charge to all checks returned for non-sufficient funds or other reasons as authorized in Minnesota Statute 604-113 subd. 2(a).

Placement Retest Fee
Students are allowed to retest once in a three year period in reading, writing, computer literacy, and keyboarding and once in a two year period for mathematics.  Students will be charged a retest fee of $10 per testing session.

Portfolio Evaluation
The fee for Portfolio Evaluation is based on the lecture/lab breakdown of the course; $25 per lecture credit and $50 per lab credit.

The fee for testing out of a course is based on the lecture/lab breakdown of the course; $25 per lecture credit and $50 per lab credit.

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