The Veterans Student Organization is comprised of HTC students willing to dedicate time and support to veterans and current military students, staff, alumni, and those closest to them in a manner befitting a veteran’s dedicated service and HTC's dedication to its students.

All veterans are welcome and anyone interested in supporting various Veterans Student Organization events should stop by or call.  The Veterans Student Organization supports events benefiting students at HTC as well as our surrounding communities.

Brooklyn Park Veterans Resource Center (room H165)
: 763-488-2529

Eden Prairie Veterans Resource Center (room F125)
: 952-995-1509

Program Advisors
BPC: Sara Laviolette-
EPC: Cheryl Benkofske-



HTC BPC Veterans Student Organization Meeting
Tuesday 09 September 2014
1200 hours

Present:  Christopher Cannon, John Tague, Phillip Cleveland, Dan Zere, Rodney Walker, Susan Markes, Sara Laviolette

-Call to order at 1200 hours by former president, Christopher Cannon

-Phillip Cleveland agreed to take minutes

-Christopher was nominated for president by John Tague, seconded by Phil.  Nomination uncontested and Christopher accepted the position. 

-John Tague was nominated for vice president by Christopher and seconded by Phil. Nomination uncontested and John accepted the position. 

-Phillip Cleveland was nominated for secretary and minutes keeper by Christopher and seconded by John.  Nomination uncontested and Phil accepted the position. 

-Chris will ask Richard Robinson if he is interested in Public Relations Officer. 

Old Business:

-We did two blood drives and a steak fry last year that were successful. 

-We also got a new TV, new coffee pot and a Mac dual drive computer. 

-We discontinued snacks.  

New Business: 

-Carryover of funds that we raised last year = $707. 

-We would try to do a steak fry this year but last year it was a bust so Chris brought up the idea of selling HTC VRC USB drives at events.  Motion made, seconded and carried to look into this.

-Chris proposed a budget request for $4850 from Student Life Board. 

-It was suggested that we include pizza day at least once a month with or without a meeting.  We need to get an account with Lancer.  $50/month for coffee is also included in the budget. 

-Thurs, Nov 20th is prearranged date for blood drive.  All we have to do is help bring stuff in and take it out and get the area ready.  Must feed blood drive people—will use Lancer or our budget.  John moved to have the blood drive on Nov 20 and to have an open house at the VRC at the same time and it was seconded and passed. 

-There was talk about closing the VRC for Veterans Day, or having a silent protest over the school being open that day, or having an open house, or smaller gathering with food.  We must do something for that day and we voted to table it until the next meeting. 

-Toys for Tots discussion will also be tabled until the next meeting and we will discuss putting a box by the security desk by the front door. 

-It was brought up by Sara about veterans reviewing the Veterans Resilience Project website at 1100 hours on Friday, 19 Sept to help soldiers out with PTSD.  Chris moved and John seconded that we participate.  Motion carried.

-Dan Zere came in and said can we collaborate with North Hennepin on some of our activities and he will try to get some of his veterans to help out. 

-Christopher and Sara brought up the Always Lost:  A Meditation on War exhibit.  She said if we can get it we will try for both campuses, but if we can only get one, let it be EPC.  This is because we need a big, nice looking space for three weeks.  Dan suggested the LECJEC building as an option at BPC. 

-John said he would like to look at a pet for a vet fundraiser but is just thinking about it at this point. 

-Back on the budget, the group voted on seeking funding for a PS4 and accessories instead of an Xbox1.

-We discussed the individual parts of the proposed budget. The motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the budget as proposed.  Christopher will present it to the Student Life Board on 17 Sept. 

-Christopher also agreed to attend Student Senate meeting on Wednesdays whenever he can.

-The motion was made, seconded and carried to use club funds to provide food and drinks at all the Vets Student Org meetings throughout the year.

-The motion was also made, seconded and carried unanimously to accept clarifying changes as proposed to the bylaws.

-Meeting adjourned at 1309 hours. 


HTC BPC Veterans Student Organization Meeting
Wednesday 08 October 2014
1200 hours


Christopher Cannon, John Tague, Phillip Cleveland, Richard Robinson, Mark Odegaard, Sara Laviolette, Rachel Salmela

-Call to order at 1200 hours by President Christopher Cannon

-Secretary Phillip Cleveland took minutes

Old Business:

-Budget of $4850 was approved by the Student Life Board.  There is some confusion about this though which will be resolved when the SLB votes on this. 

-Blood drive is set for 20 November.  Christopher will oversee the donor database.  Sara will reserve room, send out email notices, and work with Red Cross to get posters and table tents.  We will also do an open house on this day with food from Lancer as per approved budget.  

-Both VRC’s declined the Always Lost photo journal exhibit.  The time slots reserved for us were in the summer and we felt it was not fair to the exhibit and the people it commemorated to keep it for six weeks where few people were likely to see it.

New Business: 

The following motions were made, seconded and carried:

-Buy a PS4, headphones and games suitable for showing in a school as per approved budget of $600, plus the headphones which were added, up to $100.

-Buy a fundraising triple vending candy machine like the one at EPC and Skittles, M&M’s, Mike and Ikes.  No peanuts or sticky candy.  Up to $200 plus any extra shipping or tax, and up to $100 in candy.  Rachel will take a picture of the “support veterans” sign over the EPC candy machine so we can make a similar one.  

-Provide food for Veterans Day primarily for the vets and any visitors to the VRC on that day—Sara will take care of ordering this.  Up to $200.

Any interested vets will also personally buy boxes of candy bars from Mark Odegaard’s son for resale.  The VRC will keep profits beyond the investment. 

We intend to support the toiletry collecting drive for the VA Hospital. 

We will also discuss Toys for Tots at the next meeting.  We may sponsor this in conjunction with the Child Development program club.

Meeting adjourned 12:26.


HTC BPC Veterans Student Organization Meeting
Wednesday 19 November 2014
1200 hours


Christopher Cannon, John Tague, Phillip Cleveland, Sara Laviolette, Rachel Salmela.  Visitors included Lance Davis, Doug Mason, Mark Odegaard, Nate from the IT program, Don.  

-Call to order at 12:12 hours by President Christopher Cannon

-Secretary Phillip Cleveland took minutes

Old Business:

-Blood drive is set for 20 November, 10am-4pm.  Vets will help them unload trucks at 9AM.  Open House in VRC will coincide with this from 11am-4pm but is open to anyone wanting to stop by and have a bite to eat.  Sara ordered food from Lancer. 

Blood donors will receive a coupon for a free pint of Culver’s custard ice cream. 

-PS4 arrived with one game, Madden NFL 13.  Additional games were donated from the son of a student on the Student Senate. 

-The Always Lost photo journal exhibit will be at Normandale Community College from Nov 24thto December 5thif anyone wants to view it.


New Business: 

The following motions were made and seconded by John and Phil, and the motions carried:  

-Buy 4 more games for PS4:  possibly Hockey, The Last of Us, Mortal Combat 9, Lego Batman 3

-Bring the candy machine into the VRC to fix and adjust the openings—Phil will do this. Buy more candy—John will go to Costco.

-Get 3 boxes for Toys for Tots, wrap them, and include a sign downloaded from the website. Set them up in VRC, Child Development area, and front desk.  Christopher will reach out to the Child Development club person about doing the drive jointly.

-Buy a humidifier for the VRC up to $100. 

Meeting adjourned 12:40. 


HTC BPC Veterans Student Organization Meeting
Wednesday 28 January 2015
1200 hours


Christopher Cannon, John Tague, Phillip Cleveland, David Geister, Sara Laviolette, Rachel Salmela, Gloria from Student Senate, Max--student from HVAC

-Call to order at 12:05 hours by Vice President John Tague

-Secretary Phillip Cleveland took minutes

New Business: 

Election of New Officers 

The following candidates were nominated by Phil and unanimously elected to office:

John Tague—President 

David Geister—Vice President

Phil Cleveland continued as Secretary.

Old Business:

Candy Machines

--existing machine is bringing in enough funds to refill and make a profit.  Phil is willing to continue to maintain and fill the machine as needed.

--Sara agreed to see if we can install the older machine at LECJEC (the answer to this was yes, on the second floor, as per Mylan Masson).  Sara will repaint the machine and Phil will take care of weekly checks to maintain and refill as needed. 

PS4 and TV

--the group felt that no PS4 headphones were needed at this time. 

--Chris will look into the status of the HD cable box for the VRC. 

More New Business:

Spring Blood Drive

--Sara will contact Deb Waterbury for a blood drive date in April, possibly the 9th or 16th.  (The date that worked for both us and the Red Cross was Thursday 23 April.) 

--John agreed to check into who can make a banner for us.

Increasing membership in the VSO and visitors to the VRC

--Discussed setting up a satellite VRC in the LECJEC building (the answer to this was no as per Mylan Masson—not enough space even for classes).

--We will make a new advertising sign to be displayed on the big video monitors.  (Rachel found out that Julie Higdem is responsible for the monitor in the Student Services area and that she needs the ad in a PowerPoint slide format.  Sara made the slide and sent it to Julie.) 

--Discussed signs on easels in the hallway.  (These have been returned to the hallways now.)

--Ceiling sign pointing to the VRC is still in limbo.

--John suggested having regular meetings such as the last Wed of the month.

--Sara will look into sending meeting announcements to all vet students prior to the meetings.

 Meeting adjourned 12:45 


HTC BPC Veterans Student Organization Meeting

Wednesday 25 February 2015

1200 hours


Christopher Cannon, John Tague, Phillip Cleveland, David Geister, James White, Sara Laviolette, Rachel Salmela, Charles Egerstrom

-Call to order at 12:09 hours by President John Tague

-Secretary Phillip Cleveland took minutes

 Old Business:

Spring Blood Drive

--Thursday 23 April, 1000 – 1600 hours

--John is working on getting a banner made for the blood drive.  Motion made, seconded and passed approving up to $100 for this purpose.  

 Candy Machines

--existing machine is bringing in enough funds to refill and make a profit. 

--Sara is working on decorative painting on the LECJEC candy machine.  It should be ready after spring break. 

HD Cable Box

--No update yet on the status of the HD cable box for the VRC.  


--Sara agreed to check on the status of this (found out that it will not arrive until end or March to mid-April).

New Business:

Fundraising and Activities on Behalf of Students

--We discussed trying a silent auction like the EPC VSO did.  This has been tabled for now until we have more people to do this well.

--John discussed working with Gloria in the Student Senate to co-sponsor a spring fling kind of barbecue for students.  We would request using some of our unspent club funds for this.  Motion made, seconded and passed approving John to represent the BPC VSO in discussing this with Gloria. 

Meeting adjourned 1230, pizza was enjoyed by all.


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