The Student Life Board is made up of students and staff members from the college.  Their function is to support educational clubs and groups on campus. Upon receiving requests, the Student Life Board is responsible for disbursing student life fees to campus organizations for their activities. Student members of the board are selected by the campus Student Senate.

Student Life Board Bylaws (7/1/15)

Student Life Board Funding Request


ANNUAL BUDGET REQUESTS - Due by Friday, April 10, 2015 at Noon

1. Read the Instructions

2. Decide if you are a club or student senate and complete the appropriate forms below by the deadline of FRIDAY, APRIL 10 at Noon!

Club Requests:

Student Senate Requests:

2014-15 Student LIfe Board Meetings

Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 1:15pm on the following dates:

Date Location Agenda Minutes
September 17, 2014 BP-F125/EP-H195 PDF PDF
October 8, 2014 BP-H195/EP-H193 PDF PDF
November 19, 2014 BP-F154/EP-H195 PDF none
December 17, 2014 BP-F125/EP-F154 PDF PDF
January 21, 2015 BP-F154/EP-H195 PDF PDF
February 18, 2015 BP-F154/EP-H195 PDF PDF
March 11, 2015 BP-H193/EP-H195 PDF PDF
April 15, 2015
(FY16 budget review)
April 22, 2015
(FY16 budget review)
May 13, 2015 BP-H193/EP-H195 PDF PDF

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