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NEW! Physical Therapy Aide Program 

The 50-hour Physical Therapy Aide Program prepares students for the growing field of Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapy Aide is generally responsible for carrying out the non-technical duties of physical therapy, such as preparing treatment areas, ordering devices and supplies, and transporting patients working under the direction of the physical therapist. This program consists of two sections, they must be taken consecutively to complete the program.


NEW! Patient Access & Registration Program 

This 90-hour comprehensive program will prepare students to handle patient encounters, patient customer service and other areas related to intake and the coordination of a patient’s healthcare experience.  This program covers important background information on the healthcare profession including interpersonal skills; patient confidentiality; medical ethics and law; medical terminology; basics of insurance billing and coding; telephone techniques; scheduling appointments and medical records management. This program consists of three sections, all sections must be taken consecutively to complete the program.

To get information about upcoming course schedules for these programs, please contact Vanessa Roman at or call 952.995.1330.


*These programs were not designed to align with any specific licensing/credentialing standard(s). Credentialing bodies each have their own requirements for certification. Please contact them directly to inquire about their specific credentialing requirements. At the time of publication, the State of Minnesota does not require nor issue licensure for these titles.

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