The M-Powered model turns three months of subsidized training and mentoring into a lifetime of unsubsidized, sustainable earning potential.


  • FAST: M-Powered is a Fast Track training program that couples together technical training, critical/soft skills and industry credentials.
  • COHORTS: Students are in cohort groups.  This creates more synergy and team work while in the classroom.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Critical/Soft skills are integrated into the technical training to produce a career-minded employee.
  • CAREER FAIR: At the end of level 2, students are invited to a career fair organized just for them.
  • CREDENTIALS: Industry credentials are integrated into the curriculum providing individuals with the opportunity to earn one or more industry specific credentials.
    • National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS)
    • American Quality Society (ASQ)
    • ICP Certification
  • WRAP-AROUND SERVICES: Counseling is provided to help reduce employment and educational barriers.
    • Identify resources for barriers like childcare, bus fare, and temporary employment.
    • Work with individuals to create career development plans to keep you on track for achieving your goals.

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