TRIO Upward Bound

Hennepin Technical College Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO program designed to provide postsecondary support to low-income and first-generation youth. Upward Bound currently serves a total of 60 students per year. The 60 students are from Eden Prairie, Osseo Senior and Robbinsdale Cooper High School where the effects of poverty and current urban conditions impact drop-out rates, school resources, counselor-to-student ratios and college matriculation.


Hennepin Technical College Upward Bound's services are designed to generate the skills and motivation necessary for participants to complete a program of secondary education, enter program of post-secondary education, and earn a four-year college degree.

Content Provided Annually:

• Career Exploration
• College Research
• College Visits/Field Trips
• Financial Aid/Literacy
• Service Learning Projects
• Student Leadership Development
• Summer Programing (6 weeks)
• Test Preparation
• Tutoring Resources




Academic Year Program

During the academic year, Hennepin Technical College TRIO Upward Bound staff provides tutoring and advising services at target school sites During the school day, Upward Bound staff are available to students for tutoring , meeting with teachers and counselors, advising, helping with college applications and financial aid, and providing personal assistance.

After school on required workshop days (Tuesdays at Robbinsdale Cooper and Thursday at Osseo Senior), TRIO Upward Bound Academic Advisors are joined by community tutors who provide tutorial services.  Tutors can assist students in a variety of subjects and are wonderful role models.

The academic year also includes monthly MANDATORY seminars that allows Upward Bound students to focus on variety topics.  Seminars helps students to prepare for the ACT Assessment, complete college applications, research careers, and plan for college.

Summer Program

During the summer, all Upward Bound students participate in an annual six-week academic program held on Hennepin Technical College campus.  A typical day for 9th-12th graders includes math, reading and writing classes in the morning, and enrichment classes in the afternoon.  Class sizes consist of about fourteen students.  Recent Upward Bound graduates take a college course for credits taught by a Hennepin Techincal College Instructor.  In additional, they attend support classes led by Upward Bound Academic Advisors.