For Kyle Boche, a May 2013 graduate of the Auto Body Collision Technology program at Hennepin Technology College, the college was more than a place to learn about collision repair.

“HTC is more than just a campus for an education,” says Boche. “It is a place where you can make friends within the school and your classes.  The instructors in this program take it to a personal level to have you as a student “want" to attend classes. They make you feel like it’s a "You can do it" environment where you can succeed, regardless of the challenges a person may have.  As a person with a learning disability, I found they look past that, and the "can do" attitude they inspire makes you feel that, "Yes, I can."    

With that kind of learning environment making a real difference in the way students feel about their training, it’s easy to see why HTC graduates excel when they enter the workforce. Both in attitude and skills, they are prepared for the real world. “The instructors are very ‘hands on’ in their teaching, along with being approachable with any questions or problems you may have as an individual,” says Boche, adding that the instructors provide nearly individualized learning in certain parts of the curriculum.  Boche also found that college employees were helpful when he or his mother had questions regarding the financial aspects of college, including assisting with paperwork. As with most college students, finances played a part in Boche’s decision to attend HTC.   

“Tuition at HTC was most definitely a factor that brought me to the college,” says Boche. “Yes, I live in South St. Paul, and other schools were closer, but you cannot put a price on the financial affordability that HTC offered.” However, that wasn’t the only factor in Boche’s decision-making process. “I greatly appreciated meeting the instructors before making a decision on the campus that I would attend.  I found that the people at HTC were much more personable.”   

Having completed an internship at Superior Collision Center in Eagan, Minnesota, Boche graduated with an A.A.S. degree on May 21, 2013, and is currently employed by Povolny Specialties in Inver Grove Heights, along with Southview 66 Servicenter in South St. Paul.

Looking to the future for the college, Boche hopes his alma mater will be able to secure funding that will assist the auto body program in purchasing the most updated tools and computerized equipment that is being used in the industry. “By staying on top of the equipment being used in this field professionally, it would benefit the college and its students as they prepare to enter the workforce.” Boche added that having additional sets of tools for students who cannot afford their own tools would be a real benefit.

With the positive learning environment he found in the Auto Body Repair program at Hennepin Technical College, Kyle Boche knows he’s ready to succeed. Along with learning collision repair skills, he also gained a “Yes, I can” attitude.

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