Sarah Okindo


If Hennepin Technical College instructor Sarah Okindo has a special enthusiasm for teaching, maybe it’s because she valued her instructors so much when she was a student at HTC. As a graduate of the Practical Nursing program, Okindo says she benefitted from the interest her instructors took in making sure students succeeded. That’s what motivates her now that she’s teaching in the Practical Nursing program.

“What I liked most at HTC was the interaction between students and instructors,” says Okindo, who graduated from HTC in June 2009, then went on to Metropolitan State University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012. She was named the 2012 Outstanding Nursing Student at Metropolitan State.

“It’s like home for me,” Okindo says in describing her feelings about HTC. “You don’t feel lost. The instructors are really close to their students.” She attributes that to the small class sizes at HTC, which allows instructors to know their students and their abilities.

Toward the end of Okindo’s training in the Practical Nursing program, instructor Anna Schmidt told her, “You could be a teacher.” That inspired Okindo, who says she then asked herself, “What could help me be what someone else sees in me?” The answer was simple: She would continue her education. “When someone believes in you, they follow you,” explains Okindo. When she enrolled at Metropolitan State, her HTC instructors followed her progress. When she graduated, they asked if she would be interested in teaching some classes at HTC. She began teaching clinical classes in summer 2012.

Now, in addition to teaching full-time, Okindo is working on her master’s degree and is interested in gaining more knowledge about anesthesiology. “I’m best when I multi-task,” she says with a laugh. With her enthusiasm for learning and teaching, Sarah Okindo is intent on providing her students with the same positive atmosphere she enjoyed when she was attending HTC. 

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