Justin Ross

Operating a submarine without going underwater used to be reserved for science fiction. Thanks to advanced technologies, it’s just another day on the job for HTC graduate Justin Ross. With training in automated robotics and fluid power, plus his own perseverance, he launched a career with starting pay in the $70,000 a year range. It’s a story he’s glad to share.

“I have to say that having the ability to go back to school at the age of 35 and preparing for a new career was a life changing experience,” says Ross, who previously was a carpenter. “I still go back to campus and talk with the instructors. I was really impressed with the college, and I recommend it to people looking for career training.” He graduated in 2008 from the Automated Robotics program, then stayed another year and completed the second year of the Fluid Power program. He was active in campus activities, serving as president of the Student Senate and traveling with the Robotics Club to the worldwide Pack Expo packaging convention in Mexico City.

Now Ross works for C-Innovations, a Louisiana-based company that specializes in marine contracting. From a surface ship, Ross operates a robotic submarine that’s about the size of a small school bus. The company utilizes underwater remotely operated vehicles to overcome challenging scientific and engineering problems caused by the hazardous ocean environment. Ross flies to Louisiana and works for a month, then is home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for two weeks. He admits that the schedule is tough since he has young children, but he appreciates the career opportunity.

“I love it. It’s very high tech,” Ross says when describing his job. He believes his training at HTC prepared him to succeed. “The projects that students work on present so many opportunities to develop key skills and you really get to know the equipment.”

Justin Ross

About the facilities at HTC, Ross says, “I’ll just say what the recruiter from C-Innovations said, ‘These are the best labs in any college in the country.’ And he has been to colleges and universities throughout the United States.” When the recruiter came to HTC to tour the robotics and fluid power departments, Ross heard him describe the equipment the company uses. That’s when he knew he wanted to work there. “I called them every three days for about three months,” he recalls. That persistence paid off. The company flew Ross to New Orleans for an interview and he was hired in early 2010.

When it comes to being prepared for the challenges of his new job, Justin Ross credits what he learned working with HTC’s state-of-the-art equipment. “Nobody else has what HTC has,” Ross emphasizes. For him, HTC offered the opportunity to explore a new career and be ready to navigate his way to success.

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