Betsy Fischer


Betsy Fischer didn’t start her working life in Landscape Design and Construction. She completed a four-year degree in Art History and worked in arts administration and education, as well as being an artist with a studio practice. But even while still loving and being passionate about art, she realized that after 16 years in the art field, gardening had become her greatest hobby and creative outlet. “I realized I had to find a way to turn that passion into a career,” she said. “I was really excited by the creative possibilities of design.”

She contemplated looking at another four-year program, but having already completed one, she thought she’d rather look for a two-year program instead. She’s been a Master Gardener for several years, so she turned to that community and asked for thoughts and opinions. What she heard over and over was that Hennepin Tech has a strong reputation in the landscape design and construction community. Fischer conducted more due diligence, talking to students and graduates, and repeatedly heard the same themes. “HTC really resonated with me,” she said. “I felt good about the opportunities. This was the practical way to go.”

That’s an opinion that’s grown firmer for her since beginning the program in the fall of 2015. “It’s such a good program,” she said. “One of my favorite things is how we get to see things in the field or in person. When I took the Trees class, we didn’t just read about trees, we went out and walked around campus and studied the actual trees.”

She’s also found that the scientific portion of the program is more interesting than she had expected. “I didn’t think of myself has having a strong aptitude for science, but it’s all so fascinating and interconnected,” she said. “During Plant Biology, we had amazing labs. The instructor brought in loads of specimens for us to examine under microscopes. As a visual learner, this really worked for me.”

Her enthusiasm and excitement for her program also helped her become the recipient of a scholarship from the Garden Club of Ramsey County. “That was amazing!” she said. “It’s such an honor.”

Future plans include finishing the program at the end of 2017. But before that day, she hopes to make use of HTC resources and start interviewing for landscape design employment. “I’ve heard there might be opportunities before graduation,” she said. “The field has a lot of demand and to get a firm foundation in landscape design, HTC is the place to go. I would recommend HTC to anyone looking for a career in landscape design,” she said. “I absolutely recommend it.”

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