Andrew Biscay


Andrew Biscay is an HTC alumni who studied in the Video Production Program and graduated in 2013. Today, he runs his own insurance agency for American Family Insurance. Does he see that as an odd progression? Not at all.

“Ever since I was really young, I have loved videos and creating visions to share,” Biscay said. “I knew I wanted to enroll in the Video Production program at HTC.  I learned all sorts of techniques, about software tools, and about marketing and other aspects of running a business.  I loved it.”

So how did he end up going from studying video production to running his own insurance agency? Opportunity. “When I got out of school, an agency in Plymouth was looking for the kind of tech skills I’d learned at HTC, such as graphics and marketing. I got the job and the company really liked my work. They had me start presenting to new agents. Then I got the opportunity to run my own branch in Excelsior.”


Andrew Biscay


His education has been valuable in this endeavor. “So much of what I learned—advertising, marketing, networking—are skills I use in my work. I love owning my own business and using my skills and education to help people.”

The education he received at HTC is a factor in his success. “They teach you not just to learn skills, but how to put them to use. HTC teaches beginning skills through all aspects of video production. As well as running a company, including marketing and networking. So much is hands-on and big projects to develop skills that will translate to other areas.”

While attending HTC, it was sometimes difficult to make ends meet. “I was working at a restaurant while finishing my degree and was short on cash,” he said. “I was awarded a scholarship from the Plymouth Lions Club and receiving it made a huge difference to me. I was incredibly thankful.” Remembering what a difference that made—and the value of his education—

Biscay recently had the opportunity to pay it forward. “In the fall of 2015, American Family held a contest for selling life insurance. I was the top seller in Minnesota. The prize was $1,000 to give to the charity of my choice. The obvious choice was the HTC Scholarlship fund, since HTC did so much for me. They changed my life.”

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