Hennepin Technical College Fluid Power Students


Hennepin Technical College’s Fluid Power Engineering Technology Program received a $40,000 grant from the Donaldson Foundation on July 17th to research and develop improved fuel filtration and testing standards. The project provides hands-on research experience for students and new curriculum opportunities to be integrated into the Fluid Power Engineering Technology Program coursework. Students and faculty at the Eden Prairie Campus will conduct research with assistance from Donaldson engineers.

The grant supports the construction of a portable bulk tank fuel filtration system to test the impacts of additives and environmental conditions on filtration, as well as the efficiency of various filters. The constructed fuel filtration system will be used to supplement existing coursework and generate new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. A major goal of the research is for students to develop filtration and testing practices for fuel that meets or exceeds what is required for engines designed to comply with the latest Tier 4 federal emissions standards. By generating methods of filtration and testing in line with these Tier 4 standards, Fluid Power Engineering Technology Program students will have the unique opportunity to conduct real-world research and development while still in school.

“Fuel filtration is becoming an urgent topic within many heavy industries, given the advances in diesel injector technology,” Scott Grossbauer, Donaldson Global Clean Fuel & Lube Solutions manager, said. “HTC students will have a chance to learn about filtration and why fuel needs to be super-clean as it’s injected into the engine at 30,000+ PSI. The diesel industry faces real world challenges and Donaldson is excited to work with the HTC students toward real world solutions.”

Ernie Parker, a faculty member within the Fluid Power Engineering Technology Program, reiterated the impact this grant will have for HTC students. “This research provides a great experience for our students to learn to work in the industrial environment with a respected company.”

The grant is mutually beneficial for HTC and Donaldson, Lillian Perez, the Donaldson Foundation President, explained. “The mission of the Donaldson Foundation is to support education in the communities where our employees live and work. We’re excited to support HTC and the Fluid Power Engineering Technology students with this grant for a bulk tank fuel filtration system – it’s a very good fit for the Donaldson Foundation.”

This recent grant is the latest in a growing partnership between HTC and Donaldson. Earlier this year, Donaldson underwrote a scholarship for HTC students through The Fluid Power Educational Foundation.  Donaldson is also a proud employer of HTC Fluid Power Engineering Technology Program graduates.

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